Book Review of ‘A Beautiful Fish by K. E. Parsons’

A Beautiful Fish is a book of magic. I would rate this book a 7 out of 10. The author gave excellent detailing about the places and the characters in the book. Leonora is a small girl who is adopted from China by Lydia and her husband. The story takes place in New England, in a family with magic powers. The young Leonora is also blessed with magical powers by the mermaid Kiereyes. The events occurring in the story are very interesting. The way the mermaid blesses the kids of the family with colorful bubbles is mesmerizing. The entire family is very loving and the place they live holds so many magical powers and there is a special aura in that place.

Then, comes the villain Nihls. He comes to New England to live on the island for the holidays on rent but ends up taking away the magic of the family. He ruins the magical power of the place with his evil deeds. He also kills the family member and also turns Lydia into a person she is not. Lydia suddenly starts hating her daughter Leonora and Leo has nowhere to go. Leonora, with the help of her grandmother, and the cat Ginger, pulls through the bad times.

I like the way the author narrated the story from the cat’s point of view. I really liked that part. I loved it when Ginger, the cat mumbles in French.

Leonora decides to save her mother from the black magic of Nihls with the help of her childhood friend Jack. Leonora has special magic powers of her own. The mermaid Kiereyes also brings about her forces to save Leonora.

The book is about beautiful relationships, the importance of family, magic and believing in oneself. After a long time, this book rekindled my faith in magic, fairies and plenty of other things that are so-called myths. I enjoyed believing in mermaids, their magic, the beautiful and colorful bubbles as long as I read this book. This book was much needed to me, given the realistic world I live in. The pace was just perfect. After reading this book, I narrated this story to my 9 year old daughter in my simpler words and I must say she totally loves Leonora, Kiereyes, and Ginger. I loved this book.

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Messiah’s Handbook by Richard Bach – Book Review

Messiah’s Handbook is a great book. It is well written. I am sure the author understood life, existence, death, people, religion and society in a very deep manner. His pieces of advice from the book are precious and meaningful. The book inspires me to do what I want and live with the consequences rather than compromising and sacrificing myself. I take the author’s advice and choose not to live my life flatly. This book has changed my perspective towards life and living. This is a short book but cute and apt.. just perfect and I love it so much. Each and every page is a gem and one can always derive an inspiring message from the pages. I would like to mention a few of my favorite lines:

“The only thing that shatters dreams is compromise”

“There is nothing to which you cannot give your consent, there is nothing from which you cannot withdraw it.”

“No one can solve problems for someone whose problem is that they don’t want their problems solved.”

There are many more wonderful quotes like these. Richard Bach advises that one must pick this book, close eyes, ask a question, randomly open a page, choose left or right page and read it. He says one can find an answer to their question. I liked playing that game.

A Defense of Honor by Kristi Ann Hunter

I enjoyed reading A Defense of Honor very much. The story is set up in England in older times. It started off with Graham who was looking for a unique girl for himself to fall in love and ends up meeting Kit. Before anyone might start assuming that this is just another love story, let me tell you, this is a very unique love story. Kit is a very strong woman. I am really impressed with the way the story revolves around her, her guilt and her work of helping other women who are in need. Kit’s friends Daphne and Jesse are special in their own ways. I must say, it blew my mind reading about the Haven Manor, the kids that are growing up there and the dedication the three women have towards taking care of those kids. Graham who was aimless at the beginning of the novel finds a purpose after meeting Kit and visiting Haven Manor. Though he initially doesn’t approve of Kit’s methods for raising funds for the welfare of the kids, he understands eventually and forgives her. The story is also about how Kit was carrying the guilt and how she could never forgive herself. The point where Graham beautifully explains Kit about trusting God instead of taking things into one’s own hands is very nice. It hit a very delicate chord in my heart, as well. I totally enjoyed the book. Cheers to the author who established a very beautiful and strong female lead character. The story runs very smoothly and in perfect pace.

It’s Complicated (Undeniable Book 1) by Nikki Prince – Book Review

It’s Complicated is the first book from the series of Undeniable by Nikki Prince. The book was enjoyable. This is a story about friends who decide to go for a No Strings Attached relationship but end up falling head over heels in love with each other. Ashton, Keiko, Emmie, Royce, Aine, Darian, and Perry are very close friends from college days. Perry dies of cancer suddenly. Perry has always wanted Keiko to take her attraction for Ashton to next level but she never dared to pursue it further for the fear of ruining the friendship. After Perry is gone, Keiko decides that life is too short to live beating around the bush. She talks to her friends Emmie and Aine, and advises them as well to think about their interest in Royce and Darian, respectively. When Keiko talks about her attraction and her plan to seek a friends with benefits relationship, Ashton couldn’t say no since he is very much attracted to Keiko from the beginning. The relationship starts smoothly, they share a great chemistry and everything is fine. Just then, a jealous ex of Ashton comes along threatening Keiko to stay away from Ashton. In the meantime, Ashton and Keiko fall in love with each other deeply and decide to take it further. Though they face trouble from Ashton’s ex and her partner, they deal with it with the help of their friends and the story ends well when Ashton asks Keiko to marry him.

The story is very straight with no fuss. Its a cute love story of best friends. The friendship, love and jealousy are very well narrated by the author. There are few steamy scenes between Ashton and Keiko, which will leave you all hot and bothered. I had fun reading this book. I totally look forward to reading the next book from the Undeniable series.


The Coffin Maker (The Coffin #1) by Breeann Allison – Book Review

The Coffin Maker by Breeann Allison is alluring. First of all, the title is interesting and found it apt after I finished reading the book. The small town Gregor’s Hallow is just like a dream town I would wanna live. It’s quiet, away from fuss and Halloween celebrations in this town are just amazing. The way the author connected all the dots is very nice. Jesse Burns who had to take over his father’s coffin making business upon his disappearance, Death personified, the Gregorians, Robin, mysterious events at the time of Halloween, plague, Randall/Timothy and last but not the least coffins. The twist in this books is unexpected. I like how the author managed to share her views about universe, balance, life, death and the life in between. Personally, I enjoyed how coffins that carry a corpse are used to save lives. The pace is good and I enjoyed the book. If I didn’t have a preplanned travel in between, I wouldn’t have put this book down before I finished it in just 2-3 days.