Determined Dreamer by Deborah King – Book Review

Determined Dreamer is the third book from the Inspiration in Cologne series. The first two books Daring Dreamer and Bedazzled Dreamer made me fall in love with the author Deborah King. You may read my review of Daring Dreamer here and Bedazzled Dreamer here . If you’ve not read these two amazing books already, I sincerely recommend you to pick them right away and dive into them.

Determined Dreamer is also set in Cologne, Missouri a beautiful close-knit community I fell in love with after reading these books, thanks to the author for the precise details and detailed description. Kalie has been working at The Coffee Palace since fifteen and she always dreamed of owning it. She took up the offer given by her half-brother Shane and bought the place. Being bullied by a classmate since childhood, Kalie is always scared of relationships. 

Elilas, the new comer in the town who is also a business partner is in love with Kalie but she pushes him away in the beginning because of her insecurities. Kalie hides a secret from her loving brother Shane initially, but she comes out clean with her brother and sister-in-law with the kind support of Elias. 

This story is about how Kalie fights her demons and starts trusting people around her. It turns out, Kalie not only fulfills her dreams, but also helps Shane bring his dream come true. 

I have always loved the female leads in Deborah’s stories. In spite of the traumatic past, these women raise above and make their dreams come true. Not only that, they also bring out the best in their peers and other members in their loves and I totally adore that quality. Deborah’s stories strengthen my faith in sisterhood. I love this book. I sincerely thank Deborah for sending me an advanced reviewer copy for an honest review.  Determined Dreamer is releasing on 17th of this month. Happy reading, guys!

Bedazzled Dreamer by Deborah King – Book Review

Bedazzled Dreamer by Deborah King is the second book in the series of Inspiration in Cologne. I loved Daring Dreamer, book one and waited for the second book desperately. You can read my review of Daring Dreamer here

Shelby (Seashell) is a broken women who comes to Cologne for a new start along with her friend Janna. Janna and Shelby are in the pursuit of her dream of starting a boutique of their own. Shelby who is still struggling to find confidence in herself, her judgement and trust in other people, meets Shane who is a widower and father of three-year-old Nate. 

Shelby finds herself falling in love with Shane and Nate. The story is about how she works through her insecurities to find peace and forgiveness. 
I fell in love with Deborah King’s writing style after reading Daring Dreamer. It’s very easy to read her stories and I find it hard to put down the book in between. Now, after the second book, I would say I’m addicted. Can’t wait to read book three.A must read for contemporary romance lovers. Perfect for any age group.

I received the free review copy of this book for the reviewing purpose.