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I believe setting means everything to the reader. Here are my thoughts about this topic in the article I wrote for Curiosity Quills Press. Let me know your thoughts.


Book Review of ‘A Beautiful Fish by K. E. Parsons’

A Beautiful Fish is a book of magic. I would rate this book a 7 out of 10. The author gave excellent detailing about the places and the characters in the book. Leonora is a small girl who is adopted from China by Lydia and her husband. The story takes place in New England, in a family with magic powers. The young Leonora is also blessed with magical powers by the mermaid Kiereyes. The events occurring in the story are very interesting. The way the mermaid blesses the kids of the family with colorful bubbles is mesmerizing. The entire family is very loving and the place they live holds so many magical powers and there is a special aura in that place.

Then, comes the villain Nihls. He comes to New England to live on the island for the holidays on rent but ends up taking away the magic of the family. He ruins the magical power of the place with his evil deeds. He also kills the family member and also turns Lydia into a person she is not. Lydia suddenly starts hating her daughter Leonora and Leo has nowhere to go. Leonora, with the help of her grandmother, and the cat Ginger, pulls through the bad times.

I like the way the author narrated the story from the cat’s point of view. I really liked that part. I loved it when Ginger, the cat mumbles in French.

Leonora decides to save her mother from the black magic of Nihls with the help of her childhood friend Jack. Leonora has special magic powers of her own. The mermaid Kiereyes also brings about her forces to save Leonora.

The book is about beautiful relationships, the importance of family, magic and believing in oneself. After a long time, this book rekindled my faith in magic, fairies and plenty of other things that are so-called myths. I enjoyed believing in mermaids, their magic, the beautiful and colorful bubbles as long as I read this book. This book was much needed to me, given the realistic world I live in. The pace was just perfect. After reading this book, I narrated this story to my 9 year old daughter in my simpler words and I must say she totally loves Leonora, Kiereyes, and Ginger. I loved this book.

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Article about Book Flashbacks for Curiosity Quills!

I can never stop talking about books. Not just about the books I am reading now, but also about the books I read during my childhood. When Clare asked me to write about my favorite books when I was a kid and what they meant to me… I couldn’t stop myself! Please read the article here and share your thoughts about your book flashbacks!

Book Flashbacks That Bring Back Beautiful Memories