Stay by Jennifer Silverwood – Book Review

Stay is the second book I’ve read from the author Jennifer Silverwood. The best thing about the author is that the books are very easy to read. The characters, setting and details are very natural.. it doesn’t feel like they are parts of her imagination. The book feels very real though this is not a regular fiction.

I fell in love with the female lead Orona from the first chapter itself. I tried to give her life in my imagination but every time I read another detailing about her appearance; I feel that I’ve failed to imagine her right. I loved how Orona accepted the curse from her lover Seid and walked the earth for two thousand years testing and protecting true love.

This is a kind of supernatural romance fiction which doesn’t feel artificial. The male lead Cain is an interesting character. He is very much hurt when his girlfriend Lissa breaks his heart and leaves him for another rich guy. Orona is assigned the job of bringing back Cain and Lissa. But Orona falls in love with Cain since he is very much like Seid. Orona starts feeling Cain’s love and loves him in return though she knows its not in the rulebook. She faces a huge conflict about her love for Cain and her job of bringing Cain and Lissa together. The story is about what she chooses to do by the end.

I very much enjoyed this story. All the supernatural powers of Orona, Cain’s love, Orona’s past, Lissa’s guilt, everything make the story very engaging. Its an out and out entertainment. I couldn’t put down the book until I hit the last page. The story is beautifully written and succeeds in engaging the reader completely.

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Book Review – Sidney Sheldon’s ‘The Silent Widow’ by Tilly Bagshawe

Just now put down the book Sidney Sheldon’s ‘The Silent Widow’ by Tilly Bagshawe. This is a gripping thriller like any other Sidney Sheldon’s novel. The book is very engaging and I couldn’t put it aside until I turned the last page. The book revolves around a psychologist named Nikki Roberts. People around her start dropping dead including her husband, her patients and others who are close to her. Nikki turns to police but feels let down by the slow pace of their investigation. She then hires a Private Investigator to crack the mystery. When that PI comes close to the truth, the root of all the series of murders and a cold case of a young American girl’s disappearance in Mexico City a decade ago, he ends up dead, too. All in all, it turns out, a drug lord named Luis is behind all these murders.

The novel shows a huge ring of drug cartels, drug lords donating money for addicts for cover-ups, police turning a blind eye to all this racket in return for quick money and addicts who want to come out of their addiction but fall back into the mess deeper failing to come clean. The story shows how one cannot trust people around them nowadays. There is betrayal, there is hurt, there is rage, there is letting go, there is hope and a lot more. I very much liked the pace. As expected, perfect detailing and well-executed characters. The final twist was unexpected but I so liked it. I always loved the way how Mr. Sheldon creates female lead characters. Very strong, very intelligent and very independent. I so much adore him for that.

All in all, this is a must read if you are a lover of thriller, psychological, fiction genre.

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