1. Max’s Hallowe’en Adventure; 2. The Shadow of the Witchfinder by Wendy Leighton-Porter – Autumn/Halloween Countdown Blitz

A graduate of Exeter University, Wendy spent 20 years as a teacher of French, Latin and Classical studies before a change of career led her to writing children’s fiction. Currently residing in Abu Dhabi, she lives with her husband and beautiful Tonkinese cat.  

Wendy’s “”Shadows from the Past”” time-travel adventures, featuring 3 children and a rather special cat called Max, are aimed at the Middle Grade age group. This award-winning series also includes several shorter novellas that see Max the talking Tonkinese cat undertaking solo missions. Now working on the 18th book in the series, “”The Shadow of the Shifting Sands””, Wendy hopes that her love of history, myth and legend will rub off on her young readers as she takes them on a magical mystery tour through the past. 

 In his fifth solo mini-adventure, Max the talking Tonkinese cat, the feline hero of the SHADOWS FROM THE PAST series travels back in time to the mid-seventeenth century. 

He doesn’t understand how this has happened until he recognises his surroundings and realises it isn’t the first time he’s been to this place. Why has he been brought to this tumbledown cottage in the middle of nowhere? All is about to be revealed…

In 17th century Essex, at a time when most people believed in witchcraft, the name Matthew Hopkins was enough to strike fear into the heart of many a woman who lived alone with only a pet cat for company… for Hopkins was the Witchfinder General.  

The 15th book in the Shadows from the Past series takes the time-travelling foursome back to the year 1646. It isn’t Max’s first visit to the village of Mistley Thorn, but this time his friends Jemima, Joe and Charlie are by his side.
Their mission is to bring an end to Hopkins’ campaign of terror. Will they succeed, or might this prove to be their most dangerous challenge yet? “ 


Max’s Hallowe’en Adventure (the prequel to The Shadow of the Witchfinder)

Snippet 1
In the stillness of the night a twig snapped somewhere behind him and, with a rush of terror, Max realised he wasn’t alone. Turning slowly around, he caught the glitter of a pair of yellow eyes amidst the dense foliage – someone was watching him. Trying to swallow the rising whimper of fear that threatened to burst from his lips, he called out in a tremulous voice that sounded more like a mouse’s squeak instead of the brave challenge he’d been aiming for.
‘Wh-who’s there?’
The leaves rustled as a dark shadow slunk out into the open.
‘Maximus Lancelot? I’ve been sent to fetch you. Follow me.’

Snippet 2
The two cats took to their heels, running for their lives. Streaking across the green, they dodged outstretched hands as people tried to grab them, fear of being thrown on the fire spurring them on. They headed towards the lane that led out of the village. If they could make it to the woods, they’d have more chance of escaping.
Suddenly, above their heads, a dark shape swooped down and Max ducked, fearing that someone had flung a blanket or a cloak to trap them. With his heart in his mouth, he ran even faster, pelting down the lane with Jack at his side. He felt someone grab him by the scruff of the neck and a shock of fear shot through his body like a lightning bolt, convinced that he’d been caught. 

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Oric and the Alchemist’s Key by Lesley Wilson – Book Sale Blitz

“Oric and the Alchemist’s Key is hilarious, exquisitely written, and delightful.”

Author:Lesley Wilson
Title:Oric and the Alchemist’s Key
Series: The Oric Trilogy
Genre: Medieval Adventure/Romance

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Returning to the manor after an early morning foraging errand, Oric finds his home alight, the inhabitants dead, and his mentor mortally wounded. The old man relinquishes a key, warning Oric that a terrible disaster will surely occur should it fall into wrong hands. The alchemist also hints of great wealth, but he dies before he can impart any further information. 

In his quest to unravel the mystery surrounding the alchemist’s key, Oric experiences many challenging adventures before a surprising and lifechanging conclusion is reached.

 ON SALE FOR 99c! 

Moonlight cast long shadows across the churchyard, creating a black and silver scene. Trees took on sinister shapes, and a sudden breeze made an ancient yew tree creak. An owl hooted from his perch in the bell tower, causing Oric’s neck hairs to stand on end.
An urge to relieve himself overtook Ichtheus. While he  fumbled with all his extra clothing, Oric and Parzifal sloped off around a bend in the pathway. Ichtheus was in full-stream when the pair reappeared, running as if chased by demons. Oric crashed into his master, and bowled him over. Unable to turn off his tap in time, Ichtheus pissed copiously into one of his boots. 
“Damn your eyes, boy.” Ichtheus staggered to his feet, “What in heaven’s name are you about?” He shook his foot. “You blithering fool… look what you have caused me to do.” Setting his wet boot on the ground, he was disgusted to hear it squelch.
Oric’s voice rose from hoarse whispers to high squeaks of terror, and  he grabbed Ichtheus by the arms. “Master! Master! I saw it. Her! The thing!”
“What thing, boy? Ichtheus shouted and shook Oric as if he were a rag doll. “What thing?” 

Book Two

Book Three

Born in North Yorkshire, Lesley Wilson was inspired to write stories at an early age. She turned her father’s garage into a theatre and produced juvenile dramas. Local kids who watched her shows were expected to donate a penny to the RSPCA. In her early teens, Lesley joined a theatre company and took part in many productions.

On a train trip to Italy in 1957, Lesley met a young man. A whirlwind courtship followed before he joined the British Army. Fifteen months and hundreds of letters later, Lesley, aged seventeen, boarded a troop ship bound for Singapore, where she married the love of her life.

Lesley’s careers have included fashion modeling, market research and running her own business but writing has always been her true passion. She completed a course in Journalism with the London School of Writing and has been an active member of a writers’ group.

She now lives with her husband in North Queensland and enjoys frequent visits by her two teenage grandchildren. When Lesley isn’t writing, she loves to read, entertain friends, and travel.

Beneath The Surface by Mike Martin – Audiobook Blog Tour

Audio Tour: Beneath the Surface by Mike Martin

Author: Mike Martin

Narrator: Francis G. Kearney

Length: 10 hours and 22 minutes

Series: Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series, Book 3

Publisher: Mike Martin

Released: May 14, 2020

Genre: Modern Detective

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The Tree of Life by Nick Blackburn – Book Review

The Tree of Life is a beautiful book written by Nick Blackburn and illustrated by Julianne Vermilion. While the writer writes beautiful poem about life, the illustrator wonderfully presents the visual of the poem in incredible illustrations. I could not believe that the illustrator is hardly 20 years old. She added great beauty to the book.

The Tree of Life is a short book, I completed reading it in just one sitting. The author talks about subjects like life, soul, universe, etc. He depicts the fact that we all are part of this huge universe who keep coming back in one form or another to fulfil the purpose of our lives. The eternal spark, its journey and destination are written well in the poem. The poem also teaches us that we can learn our lessons even from children and young ones and that age is just a number. Though this poem is small, it makes great sense in a larger perspective.

The book also includes the story of the author and how his student inspired him to come up with this meaningful visual poem. Every page has illustrations that have deep meaning. I must say, this is the most colourful book I read in the recent times. 

The book is very different and refreshing. I received the advance reviewer copy of the book from LibraryThing for an honest review. I enjoyed reading it.