Love is Death by L.P. Masters – Autumn Countdown Blitz

Born and raised in the rainy streets of the Seattle Area, L.P. Masters spent her fair share of time staring out rain-streaked windows and writing books. Masters has always had extremely vivid dreams, which often spark inspiration for her novels. In 1999, after one such dream, Masters began her first writing project. She has participated in National Novel Writer’s Month every November since 2010. Writing isn’t the only thing she can do with a pen in her hand, she also enjoys sketching and drawing—with varying degrees of success. Masters now lives in the slightly-less-dreary city of Spokane Washington with her husband, four wonderful daughters, and two crazy dogs.

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Gina’s plan for her afterlife is simple: survive as long as possible. The afterlife is a ghost-kill-ghost kind of place. When she meets newly-dead Alec, she can’t help her desire to protect him. Before she knows it, she finds herself falling for him, despite the little voice in her head telling her it’s a bad idea.

Alec’s goals don’t mesh well with Gina’s plans. Determined to save his living sister from a murderer, he’s willing to disobey the laws of a well-established cult in the afterlife. If the cult finds out, they’ll kill him. Again. He’s hesitant to accept Gina’s help and threaten her afterlife, but he’s guaranteed to fail without her. Together they embark on a perilous mission, but the most dangerous aspect of all is the threat of falling in love. Because in the afterlife… love is death.


My vision blurred as I leaned my head against my stone. I fought the feeling, but there wasn’t much I could do, so I slipped into a dream. Ghosts rarely slept, but when we needed to, there was no stopping it.
I drew in a long, deep breath.
I was alive again as I dreamed.
I could feel the seatbelt chafing my shoulder, the cracked leather on the armrest digging into my elbow. I could barely keep my eyes open. Streetlights flashed through my closed lids as we drove down the road.
It was three in the morning. The party at Micah’s house had lasted all night, and my boyfriend, Caden, and I had stayed up late the night before, studying for finals.
“Did you have fun?” I asked Caden absently, eyes still closed. He didn’t answer, but I didn’t think anything of it. I’d almost drifted back to sleep when I heard the horn blaring.
My eyes flew open to the glare of headlights aimed straight through the passenger-side window.
The dream turned to slow motion as that pair of headlights crashed through my window. Pain like none I’d ever felt before ripped through me. The noise rose to a crescendo, and I could feel. I felt myself being torn apart, my soul wrenched from my body.
There was no question in my mind. No doubt about whether or not I was dead. I walked to a rock that sat in front of a nearby driveway and hugged my knees. I scanned the quiet streets, waiting for some sort of light or understanding. Waiting for heaven. Heaven never came, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that the afterlife was nothing more than hell on Earth.

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