Someone’s Listening by Seraphina Nova Glass – Book Review

Someone’s Listening by Seraphina Nova Glass is an interesting thriller story of a Psychologist, Dr. Faith Finley. It gripped me from the very first scene. 

Faith, who has achieved a lot in spite of her terrible childhood, suddenly starts losing everything. Her reputation is the first to go. In turn, it takes a complete toll on her relationship with her husband, Liam. Faith is a renowned Psychologist and an author, helps many women to come out of abusive relationships through her radio program and book “Someone’s Listening with Dr. Faith Finley”.

The entire story takes a U-turn when Liam who was first assumed to obsonding, is found dead. Faith becomes the prime suspect. With all the negative publicity that has ruined her reputation already, it becomes greatly difficult for her to prove her innocence. She starts receiving threats. 
Amidst these scary situations, she finds it hard to find an ally. The story takes multiple twists and turns and I had to keep guessing. But, the climax, I didn’t see it coming. It was a complete surprise. 

This is an incredible attempt for a debut author. Seraphina Nova Glass succeeded in maintaining the thrill and suspense hanging in the air all the while I was reading. I absolutely loved the way she analyzed various human behaviors through her characters. 

The book is on sale from July 28th, 2020. A wonderful read, especially if you are a thrill-seeker. 

A Little Pill Called Love by Jas T. Ward – Book Review

Author: Jas T. Ward
Title: A Little Pill Called Love
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release Date: July 11, 2020
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design
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A quirky character in her own colorful world. A man who struggles to see beyond black and white. With heartbreak and healing, A Little Pill Called Love is just the prescription for a little laughter, twists to heal, and a love that demands to be heard. 

Rylie Marshall has blue, green, yellow, and a mixture of pills that made her “normal.” But her idea of normal and what her mother or society wanted her to be never seemed to match up. 

She lives day-by-day in a fantasy land within her own troubled head and books. Reading was her escape whenever even her head denied her such a haven. So, how was she to know that one day, sitting on the beach, a book would show her the one thing she didn’t have, but might change her life…


Mike Newport had white, yellow, and striped pills that made him capable of being one of the most cut-throat corporate marketing advisers his clients could have. Not even a life-changing tragedy could slow him down. 

His days and most nights were spent with his head buried in flow charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. Busy was the best way–the heart could easily be ignored as it was dying inside his chest. 

The last thing he needed was a vacation, but how was he to know that a carefree girl, playing in the waves and talking to the birds might give him the one thing he had been avoiding…


From bestselling author Jas T. Ward comes a touching, quirky, fun, and gritty readA Little Pill Called Love, rebranded, edited, and published by Hot Tree Publishing.

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( A Little Pill Called Love by Jas T. Ward is the most romantic story I have read lately. Rylie and Mike meet in very strange circumstances. Rylie’s honesty takes Mike’s breath away. After the terrible heartbreak from his past experience, Mike buries himself deep in work and meeting targets. When he meets Rylie on the beach with her bicycle on his forced vacation, Mike couldn’t believe that she is real.
Rylie on the other hand has a difficult life. It always is complicated when you are abused by your own mother. Rylie’s mother makes her believe that she is sick and keeps Rylie on drugs everyday. She is forced to take so many pills.
Destiny brings Rylie and Mike together. The story unfolds when Rylie realizes that her mother was never honest with her. She, then, fights for herself with the help of her sweet neighbor and also with the strength that Mike’s love gave her.
Love is all we need.. the sweet little pill, helping us pick up the broken pieces and fight all the odds. Wonderfully written by Jas Ward. I read this book in one sitting. Loved it, absolutely. )