Mountains clouds

What a wonderful world?

The other day when I visited a small village nestled in the woods far away from the cry of the world.. suddenly the pace of my life slowed down a little bit. Until then, it was all about running around chasing unseen things and groping time that I didn’t have. The journey to this beautiful village was amazing in itself. The waterfalls were at every other turning of the road. The sound of the gushing water seemed like music to my ears. The huge trees stood on either sides of the road were like guardians. They made me feel safe.

The village was picturesque. It looked like a wallpaper that walked out of some dreamy land. There were plenty of flowers in the village. And they were in so many colors, I wondered who mixed the perfect palette and painted those tiny flowers with so much of patience! Rainbows spilled into my eyes just by looking at those pretty flowers. I tried to capture some flowers in my camera lens but when I saw the picture, I realized, the camera utterly failed when compared to the powerful lens of my eyes.

When I stood on the top of the hill, I almost floated above the clouds. The cloud clad mountains were so beautiful to look at in the light of the dawn. The warm rays of the Sun failed to hit the ground directly. The sunrays seemed to be trapped by the blanket of fog.

The chillness of the water pricked my feet when I stepped into the waterfall. I felt cleansed.. right there! I simply sat on a rock in the waterfall and got drenched in the stream of water falling from above. The water cutting into the bed of rocks made a wonderful sound that strangely calmed the chaos in my mind.

I learnt many things.. simple is beautiful, just be yourself and do not imitate anyone, minimalism simplifies life, contentedness brings happiness and peace, live in unison with nature, and last but not least.. love all!

By the time I was on my way back, my soul is healed.. and I thought to myself.. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD?

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