The Last To Know by Jo Furniss – Book Review

The Last To Know is an interesting mystery from the pen of author Jo Furniss. She is an experienced journalist who travelled across the world and maybe that’s why she could write this story so well. 

Rose is from America and her husband Dylan is from England. They decide to move to Dylan’s homeland which is a beautiful village called Hurtwood. The family mansion is on the top of the hill with nothing nearby except for the river flowing by. Rose finds it greatly difficult to adjust to this new place and especially can’t trust her mother-in-law who seems to be a little forgetful, reclusive and secretive.

The family name of Dylan, Kynaston seems to be a dreadful thing to say among the villagers. Rose has no idea why it is that the villagers stare at her and why they whisper as soon as she enters any place. Some secret which is more than twenty years old seems to be the key to all that is happening around. 

Sergeant Ellie takes up the investigation of the remains of the human body that is accidentally found down the hill, during an archaeological tv show. Ellie is determined to solve the case, no matter what.Rose on the other hand starts her own investigation in order to find out the truth behind all this and when Dylan becomes a suspect, Rose puts forth her best efforts to clear his name. 

The entire story is very gripping and I’m in love with all the female characters. Rose, Elllie and to my surprise, Rose’s mother-in-law are incredibly strong women. 

The village set up of Hurtwood is incredibly beautiful. The family mansion of Dylan, the outhouse, the hill, the river, everything is described in great detail by the author. I, literally, was transported to the village while I read the book. Loved it, absolutely.

The book is out now, go ahead, buy it and dive into this gripping mystery.

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