The Extraordinary Ordinary by Natalie Rodriguez – Movie Review

The feature film, “The Extraordinary Ordinary” directed by Natalie Rodriguez was released globally on August 28th, 2020 on various OTT platforms. The story revolves around Erica played by Maddison Bullock. She is a passionate teenager with the interest to pursue photography. She suffers trauma and moves to California hoping to recover from it and to get away from her over protective mother Cathy. Erica’s father is her go-to person and completely supports her. 

Erica meets Alex and Bianca in her new high school. They, too, come from different backgrounds and have experienced trauma at a very young age. These three broken souls become friends and share a wonderful bonding. 

I watched this movie with my daughter. She didn’t budge until the titles rolled at the end. I loved the plot and the direction by Natalie Rodriguez. The photography and compositions were simple, yet, meaningful. I loved the greyish blue compositions which made so much sense. The background music was deep and subtle. Each and every actor did their part extremely responsibly. Kudos to the entire team. 

The stigmas associated with mental health, abuse and trauma are very sensitive subjects and the director succeeded in leaving a long lasting impression on the audience. Being a mother of an adolescent, I can relate to Cathy and her over protectiveness towards her daughter but I also realized how important to let the kids be and give them space to breathe. All they need is our trust and support. That helps them to recover from trauma sooner. 

This movie received many awards. You may watch it on Amazon Prime or Google Play or YouTube. Don’t miss it!

Natalie, thank you so much for making this wonderful movie. I’m really proud to be acquainted with you.

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