The Benefits of Breathing by Christopher Meeks – Book Review

The Benefits of Breathing a collection of short stories written by Christopher Meeks. The stories are incredibly wise and mostly talk about human relationships. 

I love how the author brings out amazing endings to each story with simple and wise thoughts. Every story is a masterpiece. The simplicity of these stories is amazing. The reader will connect to at least one of these stories while reading this book. There are stories of a father and a daughter, a broken marriage, a fragile relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend, an online dating experience, and a few more. Love is so important for us that we crave for it in any relationship and that love is the key in each story of this book.

Though this is the first book I have read penned by this author, I immediately fell in love with his writing style. There is a subtle bluntness in the stories that hit hard and make us relate to the realities of life. The title of this book made me pick it and it was totally worth it. All in all, this book is beautiful and intense in a funny way. Now, I want to read the other works of this author.

The book is available on all platforms and the audiobook is also available if you would prefer to listen to it.

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