Target In The Sun by Lynda Filler – Book Review!

Target In The Sun by Lynda Filler is a compelling story of a unique and unconventional couple Mia and Carlos. The story is entertaining from first to last page. The story is set up in Mexico and USA. Carlos who lost his family at a very young age in the drug war finds his way to US. When caught in a raid, he is sent to juvenile home where he opens up to Katherine, a social worker and she eventually adopts him. He succeeds in dealing drugs among his schoolmates and makes good money. Carlos meets Mia on one of Mia’s trips to Mexico. Their love story is very gripping. When Carlos decides to end his career in drug mafia, Mia approaches Lucia, a FBI agent through emails. After reading the journals from Mia and the emails exchanged between Mia and Carlos, Lucia decides to protect them against all odds.

This is a unique romantic thriller. The best part is, the story being narrated through journals and emails. This is the first novel I’m reading in Mexican setting. I enjoyed the book thoroughly. Thanks to #LyndaFiller for sharing the book with me and #booktasters for referring this book to me.

One thought on “Target In The Sun by Lynda Filler – Book Review!

  1. Thanks for the great review! I’m thrilled you liked the story of Carlos and Mia. Vanished in the Sun is book 2 and I’m about to start the third book in the series. I particularly appreciate you enjoyed the emails–it seemed like a great way to explain Carlos’ life. There are many things we can write, but are afraid to share in person… and he sure had a lot of surprises!

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