Want To Read More? Have A Look At These Top Tips

Some people always seem to be reading, but you just can’t find the time, don’t enjoy it as much as you think you should, or don’t think about it. However reading is something that can help you focus, take you away from the stresses of everyday life, and educate you to name a few of the benefits. There are also ways you can help yourself to read more. 

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Often it can be things as simple as finding somewhere comfy or making sure you have the right glasses from Eyeglasses.com to get you off on the right start. 

Have a look below at some of the top tips to help you to read more: 

Don’t Go Out Without A Book 

Rule number one if you want to read more, is to make sure you have something to read. If you don’t have a book then it hard to read. Take one with you when you go out and about. Just pop it in your bag or even have an electronics version on a kindle or book reading app. This way is you do get 5 minutes here, and there you are able to pick up your book and read. 

Track Your Reading 

If you want to read more, it’s a good idea to keep track of how much you are reading. Not only is it interesting to see how much you read at different times or on different books, but it’s also interesting and fun to learn how long it takes you to read certain books from various authors. You will also have a log of all the books you have read. 

Join A Book Club 

It may sound a bit obvious, but this will well and truly work. You tend to have a deadline to read the book or at least read a set number of chapters before the meetings. You’re more likely to try and fit in some time to read if you feel as though it needs to be done by a certain time. That is unless you are fine with being the only person in the book club to not have read and been able to join in the discussions. It is also worth noting that there is no shame in holding your hands up and saying I didn’t have time or that you need a bit extra time to finish. 

Only Read What Interests You

It’s ok to put a book down and never finish it, especially if you don’t take an interest in it. If it doesn’t feel good to read or like it’s worth your time, then don’t read it. If you’re watching a tv series and can’t get into it, are you likely to continue? No. So, don’t do it with books. You also shouldn’t shy away from a book based on the opinion of others, just because they didn’t like doesn’t mean you won’t, and vice versa, if they loved it but you don’t read it. 


Read As And When You Can 

Got a few minutes on your break at work, at the end of your lunch break, while you’re having your morning coffee, or maybe even a bathroom break? Then take the opportunity to read. You will be surprised how many chances you get to read a few pages, especially when you go looking for them. If you have to wait in a queue, you may get more reading done while you are waiting then when you are eating. 

Read Before Bed

Reading before bed is loads better for you than watching television or scrolling through social media on your phone or tablet. Reading will help you become relaxed and be able to transition into a peaceful slumber easily. A lot of successful readers will read every night before bed. It’s part of their routine, one chapter by night light, and off to bed. 

Don’t Read More Than One Thing At A Time 

If you are someone who is trying to read more, you can easily fall into the trick of thinking you need to read anything and everything. This can leave you confused and getting books mixed up. When it comes to books, you don’t want to multi-task. You are much better off reading one book at a time. 

These seven top tips should help you to start reading more. Do you read? What do you do to help yourself read more and find the time? Please share some of your hints and tips in the comments section below. 

What turned you into a bookworm?

Hi Readers,

Howz your day going? I’m sure most of you are snuggled into a corner on a comfy couch holding your book in one hand and a hot cuppa coffee in another. That’s how I spend most of my days. Today when I woke up to the prickling rays of the hot sun, I wanted to ditch my daily chores and drown in the pages of my latest read. I didn’t know if I loved reading or if I was ADDICTED. I wondered why I enjoy the company of books more than humans, why I preferred the fantasy world in the books to the real world I’m living in. From my early childhood, I remember that my favorite pastime is reading books. I rarely went outside to play with friends. I read almost every book from my school library and my town library. My mom would bring me more books and I would read them within 2-3 days.

I guess I found it interesting living through the lives of the characters in the book. Books also gave me loads of information and I call it knowledge. I knew how it was during the world war, what it was like being a refugee, how to build a tent and why is plastic dangerous to our ecosystem, just by sitting at home. My addiction was fueled by the books my mom bought me almost every other week. She was a reader, too and I wonder if reading got into me by genes.

During my adolescence, I guess no friend could clear my doubts like books did. I found not one but so many best friends in books.

I developed a huge urge for traveling and I would blame it on my books. The more I read, the more I wanted to travel to new places. Since I had no luxury to do that, I read even more books to compensate my urge… hahhha…. vicious cycle… isn’t it?

Anyways, now I’m not a book-worm anymore, I would call myself a book dragon, if at all there exists a word like that. Now I wish I knew all the languages in this world so that I could read books from every language that is known. See what I mean when I call myself a book dragon? LOL!

Please share your stories, tell me why you got so addicted to books, what was that first book that made you want to read more and more… I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Got to go, I’ve got a book to finish.

What other things do you do while reading?

Hi Readers, How is your weekend going?

Today, I burnt my hand pretty badly because I was so immersed in my book while cooking, I touched a hot pan. Ouch! Yeah, it happens very often and my partner gave me an earful. He asked me why I can’t keep my book aside atleast when I am dealing with fire. Poor guy, he doesn’t understand my obsession. I am sure.. my fellow book worms know what I mean.

I do almost every task while reading. I read while I brush. I bet you could find smudges of toothpaste on most of my books. I read while I eat. Yeah.. there were few instances where I ate chillies because I was busy reading to notice what’s going into my mouth. My mom used to give me hard stares when I bring a book to the dining table, but eventually, she stopped bothering.

I read in the late nights because the characters in my book might do something overnight. Sleep can wait, don’t you think?

I read while I poop. What? Yeah, I am not gonna waste those precious few minutes doing nothing in the bathroom. I can definitely finish up 3-4 pages in that time. 😁

I read while I commute. I read while chopping, walking, talking, drinking and thinking. that’s very obvious given my obsession.

Please share your views and tell me about your obsession of reading. After all, we all are birds of same feather. Cheers!