My Holiday Secret by Jackson Kane – Book tour

Author: Jackson Kane
Title: My Holiday Secret
Genre: Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 6, 2019
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: Hot Tree Group

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It’s time to shine the baubles, pull out the mistletoe, and prepare to swoon in the fun, heat, and mischief of Jackson Kane’s smoldering holiday read, My Holiday Secret.

He’s my holiday secret… and if anyone finds out, I’m screwed.

I did everything I could to get away from my family, but somehow, I’ve let my sister drag me home for the holidays. Now that I’m back, everyone expects to finally meet my fiancé.

The only problem is I don’t have one. He dumped me, and they have no clue.

I can’t let them find out I’m single. Luckily, after a one-night stand with a bad boy bouncer—the chiseled and grizzled Vance Mathis—I’ve got a plan: Hire him to be my fiancé for the family Christmas party.

When he pulls that mistletoe out of his pocket, I know he’s only looking to jingle my bells. Even so, it’s getting harder and harder to keep my hands off him.

I only wanted him to play pretend, but after our not-so-silent night together, I’m starting to want something real.

My Holiday Secret has been polished just in time for the holidays. With a new edit, a Christmas shine, and now traditionally published, kick back and prepare to swoon.

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Jackson Kane is a professional stuntman, athlete, romance author, and above all else, a hopeless romantic. From American Ninja Warrior, to some of your favorite films, Jackson brings a unique writing style forged from countless harrowing adventures.

He’s a lover of travel, his fans, his romance author peers, dulce de leche, and all things beautifully weird and interesting. He invites you to relax, have a pisco sour and let him thrill and excite you in a way no other author can. Jackson will show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy.

Come with him, and…



MV Ellis’s blog tour for Spider

Title: Spider
Author: MV Ellis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Rough Ink, book 2
Release Date: November 16, 2019
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: PopKitty Design
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She’s been broken by life. He’s always had it easy. Can they trust each other
enough to be the fix they both need?

I used to wonder if there was something wrong with me, because there was nothing wrong with me. I’m a happy, well-adjusted, laid-back guy, or so I always thought. The reality, though, is I’ve been coasting through life, not thinking or feeling, just being

That is until everything goes wrong, and Emi comes crashing into my life in the worst way possible. Yet for all the drama, angst, and heartache she brings with her, she’s also shown me what it means to be human—to feel, love, and hurt. She’s taught me what it meant to be alive. 

She’s so fragile, yet she’s also the strongest person I know—a true survivor. She’s been to hell and back but wakes up every morning ready to fight another day. 

And when tragedy strikes and my perfect world falls apart, she’s the one helping me pick up the pieces. Yet each time she needs me to be there for her, she pushes me away.  

But I refuse to just walk away. She’s taught me that real life isn’t easy, and if something’s worth wanting, it’s worth fighting for. 

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“Everybody on the motherfucking ground! Palms on the floor by your shoulders. Anybody moves a fucking muscle and she’s dead first. Then I’ll get the rest of you one by one.”
The sharp cold of the polished concrete floor bit into my cheekbone as I slammed to the ground on my stomach. I made sure I landed with my face turned toward Tommy so that I could see both him and Emi. If she’d seemed scared when she came into the studio, she looked petrified by this point.
The color had drained from her beautiful amber skin and her pupils were startled pinpricks. I was sure it was from the adrenaline coursing through her veins, rather than a mind-altering substance. She didn’t seem like the type. Not only that, but I knew for a fact that she hadn’t taken anything in the last few hours at least, because she hadn’t been out of my sight since she’d walked into the studio.
The unfolding situation would terrify anyone. A gun pointed at her head, wielded by her deranged boyfriend. Tommy had his arm around Emi’s neck, crushing her windpipe in the crook of his elbow, clearly enjoying seeing her struggling for breath. If she didn’t do as she was told quickly enough for his liking, or grappled at his arm as she had a few times in an attempt to get more air, he just squeezed tighter to remind her who was boss. I didn’t doubt that he would kill her, either by strangling her or by sinking a bullet into her brain at point-blank range.
An image of the gruesome scene that would ensue if he did lodged in my mind, and I gagged on the bile that rose in my throat. There was no way I would let that happen. I’d take a bullet before I watched him do that to her.
I began running scenarios in my mind like football drills, ways I could take Tommy down and avoid anyone else getting hurt. I didn’t mind him coming to harm, but I didn’t want the rest of us to suffer more than we already had.
As though reading my mind, Tommy tightened his choke hold on Emi and walked farther into the room. “Nobody get any funny ideas or she’s gone. I mean it. This is not a drill, and don’t think I won’t end her. I’ll do it and not even think twice. She means nothing to me.”
Hate wasn’t a word I could ever recall using and actually meaning it. Sure, as a kid, I’d hated this or that trivial thing, or this person or that one. As an adult, I never used it, because it was an emotion I couldn’t connect with. But lying on that floor, watching Tommy pace around us, hearing Jorja’s faint sobs and sniffles, and watching the waterfall of tears silently cascade down Emi’s face as she struggled to fill her lungs, the muzzle of his gun creating a dent where he’d shoved it against her temple, I hated him with a ferocity that shocked me. Even under those extreme circumstances.
Maybe Tommy and I weren’t so different. I liked to think we were, that we were literal worlds apart, but with all that anger, hatred, and adrenaline-fueled power coursing through my veins, I couldn’t say that I wouldn’t stoop to behavior every bit as evil as his, if the situation called for it. But the difference was, I would only go there if there was no other option, no other way to help someone else. And I wouldn’t take the decision lightly. I didn’t consider hurting people a sport like Tommy seemed to. 

Rough Ink Series

(book 1)
Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA

MV ELLIS knows what it’s like to fall head over heels in love with a badass musician. She followed her heart halfway around the world to be with one. She moved from London to Sydney after a steamy holiday romance with a sexy bass player in sultry Brazil.

Twelve years, two children and a dog later, and she’s still smitten. All this with a guy she sat next to on a bus for 36 hours! She has toured internationally as a “WAG,” and her experiences inspire her writing.

Ellis’s love of romance began when she was 11 years old, after a summer spent secretly reading her auntie’s books. She’s been a sucker for an alpha hero and strong heroine ever since.

An avid reader, Ellis always knew she’d write a book of her own one day. She was right about that. Following a career spanning advertising, marketing, and social media, she finally wrote Catching London in 2017.


Love At Christmas by Heather Tullis – Christmas Countdown Blitz

HEATHER TULLIS writes sweet, small-town romance and cozy mysteries. She has published three dozen books. When shes not dreaming up new stories to write, she enjoys playing with her dogs and chickens, cake decorating, trying new jewelry designs, inventing new ways to eat chocolate, and hanging out with her husband.

Learn more about her at her website and sign up for her newsletter at “

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Christmas is in the air.
Pulling Garrett Johansson over isn’t the most auspicious beginnging to a relationship for Officer Lisa Weight, but at least she didn’t have to give him a ticket. Not that she’s looking for a guyeven if her mom says she should be. 

Garrett is glad to visit his sister, Sheila, during the Christmas season, but he hadn’t counted on a major snow storm as soon as he landed in Kansas City. When his sister introduces the cop who pulled him over as a friend of hers, he puts their less-than-stellar beginnings in the past and gives her a chance. The more he gets to know her, the better he likes her. If only he didn’t live 1600 miles away in California. 

With everything trying to keep them apart, can they still have a Merry Christmas?”

Q&A With the Author:

1. What inspired this Christmas/Winter book? I wanted to write a little story about how Sheila’s brother met and married the police officer in Crystal Creek for a while now so when I started thinking about writing a Christmas novella, choosing them was a no-brainer. I loved being able to share more of the community spirit that I remember growing up in a small town.
2. Do you have other Holiday books? If so, what are they are for which Holidays? If not, what other books do you write?– I have several other books set in or around Christmas time, most notably One Winter Night and Reclaiming His Bride (though that one is less Christmas specific.) I also have other titles that feature a holiday event at some point in the story.

3. What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it? Getting my master’s degree. I actually applied a few weeks ago for grad school and now I’m stuck waiting to see if they’ll accept me. 

4. Tell us about things you enjoy what you do for fun or personal satisfaction besides writing? I like learning new things and trying out recipes. Lately I learned how to make pasta from scratch (which is why Lisa does it in Love at Christmas). 

5. Are your characters/stories/scenes, etc. based on anything in real life? Lots of them are. The lights in the park with Santa is a twist on an event in the town where I grew up. Lots of other little bits and pieces of my life show up in my books.

6. Tell us one Christmas or Winter tradition that you love to do every year, and why it is so special to you. I love baking holiday treats and giving them away to friends and neighbors. When I was growing up my mom baked for days and we would run them to tons of people. It made me feel connected to my neighbors when we exchanged treats. For me, Christmas is all about reaching out and serving others.

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Goodwill for the Gentleman by Martha Keyes – Christmas Countdown Blitz

Martha Keyes was born, raised, and educated in Utah–a home she loves dearly but also dearly loves to escape whenever she can by traveling the world. She received a BA in French Studies and a Master of Public Health, both from Brigham Young University.
Word crafting has always fascinated and motivated her, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she considered writing her own stories. When she isn’t writing, she is honing her photography skills, looking for travel deals, and spending time with her family. She lives with her husband and twin boys in Vineyard, Utah.

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He jilted her sister. She will never forgive him for it. Can her anger survive a snowing in and a Christmas truce?
Emma Caldwell doesnt hate anyoneexcept for Hugh Warrilow, the man who jilted her older sister and left like a coward to join the army. Men are clearly not to be trusted, and Emma is determined not to give her heart to one. No, a marriage of convenience is the very thing to suit her.
Hugh Warrilow has been secretly in love with Emma Caldwell for years, so when the time comes to live up to both familiesexpectations and marry her sister, he cant find it in himself to do it. Disgraced and misunderstood, he joins to fight Napoleon on the Continent, hoping he will forget Emma and be forgotten by everyone he has disappointed.
An injury brings Hugh homejust in time for Christmas and the snowstorm that leaves him trapped under the same roof as Emma. How will he explain that his unforgivable act was motivated by how desperately he loved her? Her icy reception doesnt leave him the chance, nor does it offer much hope for the seasons expectation of peace on earth and goodwill to men. “.

Q&A With the Author:

What inspired this Christmas/Winter book?
I and the other authors in the series decided to set our stories in December 1813, which happened to be an incredibly cold and severe winter. I had also been brainstorming concepts, words, and feelings we associate with Christmas. The concept of “peace on earth, good will toward man” sat in my brain for a bit, and I toyed with it a bit before the title was born. Definitely the only time I’ve had a title before a story!

Do you have other Holiday books? If so, what are they are for which Holidays? If not, what other books do you write?
I don’t have any other holiday books yet, but I have a few other books in the Regency genre: 
Hazelhurst (preorder)

What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it?
I would love to live and write abroad with my family! We are doing a little test run soon, so that’s the first step. But I also have major FOMO (fear of missing out) with my family, so we will see if I can hack it.

Tell us about things you enjoy what you do for fun or personal satisfaction besides writing?
I love photographyusing light to capture meaningful moments that might otherwise be forgotten is very fulfilling for me. I enjoy cooking, though I am a one-dish-at-a-time kinda person (I am no juggler!). I love music and really enjoy singing. I get anxious when there is no chocolate in my home.

Are your characters/stories/scenes, etc. based on anything in real life?
All of my stories are based off of aspects of my lifedrawn from experience with emotions I’ve felt or that I’ve watched those near to me navigate. I often look through my (copious amounts of) photos from the UK as I’m picturing a setting or scene. A couple of my novels have been directly inspired by places I’ve visited in England.

Tell us one Christmas or Winter tradition that you love to do every year, and why it is so special to you.
My family goes out caroling on Christmas Eve, bags of caramels in hand, to some of the elderly or home-bound in our neighborhood. It’s so fun to be together as a family engaged in something we all love (music) and bringing some needed cheer to those who might otherwise spend the evening alone. One of the songs we sing is an arrangement my grandpa created, which makes it extra meaningful for all of us.

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Special Delivery by Didi Lawson – Christmas Countdown Blitz

Didi Lawson exchanged her town car for a pick-up truck and learned to operate a tractor when she and her husband moved from Arizona to a farm in  Missouri where she now weaves her tales. Her love for writing started early in  life when  she entertained her friends with her stories, won prizes for he essays in high school and wrote road shows and poems for the youth group in her church. She enjoys the outdoors, her children and ten grandchildren, and keeps an active social calendar.

Erin O’Neal loves Christmas, except not this year because she’ll be all alone for the holidays. To make matters worse, she receives a dog as an early Christmas present, but cannot keep it. The man who delivers the dog is the snob who has embarrassed her in public a few days ago.

When the snob, a handsome veterinarian, injures his ankle and needs someone to drive him home to Prescott for the holidays, Erin is available. Getting to know him better, she falls in love with him. There are only two obstacles: his girlfriend and her own dog phobia. 

Q&A With the Author:

1. What inspired me to write this Christmas book? I love Hallmark Christmas and thought to write a Christmas story for fun.
2. Do you have other holiday books? Not yet.
3. Largest unfulfilled dream: Traveling the world.
4. Things you enjoy? Nature, spending time with friends and family, love animals, explore new things
5. Are your characters based on anything in real life? Some are.
6. Christmas or winter traditions? Baking Christmas cookies, singing carols, decorating tree, enjoying family in front of the fireplace, reading and watching Christmas stories

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