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Making New Friends!

Being a writer is one thing but getting to know fellow writers from all over the world, reading their work, appreciating how unique we all are and yet how well we understand their unique literature, is amazing at an extremely wonderful level! Cheers to all the writers on planet earth for the creators they are. 

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Daring Dreamer by Deborah King – Book Review

Daring Dreamer by Deborah King is of romance genre and also I would call it women’s fiction. Janna and Shelby are two friends who come to a small town Cologne for a fresh start and to chase their dream. They both have their regrets but they decide not to dwell on them. They join as managers to a Grocery Store in Cologne where people are not very used to female supervisors. The story is all about how Janna and Shelby gain the confidence of their employees, how they make new friends in the town and how they work towards reaching their big dream. Janna finds a wonderful partner in Richard and a brother in Todd. Whereas, Shelby drowns her loneliness drinking in bars. Janna is very ambitious and makes sure to pull her best friend Shelby out of her misery reigniting her forgotten dreams.

Richard is a wonderful character who supports Janna in every possible way. He also understands how precious she is and appreciates her.

All in all, the story is very engaging. I almost read it in one sitting. The character establishment is very well done by the author. This book definitely deserves multiple reading. The story talks about the importance of friendship, dreaming, hope, second chances, forgiving oneself and finding love again.

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I am a home to butterflies by J. Alchem – Book Review

Every single word is a beauty in itself and each one makes complete sense. I could relate myself to many of the poems. I found love, pain, encouragement, heartbreak, hope and life in the poetry. I already read some of the author’s work and I am a home to butterflies is another extra ordinary work penned by Alchem. I loved this book to the core. The surprise element in the book is the story Letters in the end. I definitely didn’t expect the ending and it’s beautifully crafted. This book is an easy read and I finished reading it in just couple of hours. But I must say it left a lasting impression on my heart.

Cheers to the author. I look forward to reading more work from him. 

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What Matters Most by Helen Bea Kirk – Book Review

What Matters Most by Helen Bea Kirk is a cool book. It was a quick and easy read. Thanks to #Booktasters for introducing me to this wonderful author Helen. The female lead in this book Meagan is a very strong and independent character. I liked her very much. I like how she didn’t lose hope and didn’t give up when she was robbed. She is someone who fights for what she loves and she definitely is an inspiration. King, the male lead is a nice man. He is a tough man with a soft heart. He loves his family very much and goes to any extent to protect them. I hated Gayla, King’s girlfriend at the start but I was very much impressed how the author turned her story around. I must say every single character in this book has a story of their own and it feels very realistic.

I totally enjoyed the book myself. I recommend this to all ages. The establishment of characters is very well done. The title justifies the story, after all, FAMILY is WHAT MATTERS MOST!

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FIVE GOLDEN WISHES by Cari Lynn Webb – Book Review

FIVE GOLDEN WISHES by Cari Lynn Webb is a wonderful read for this holiday season. I totally loved it. This is a cute story that filled me hope for the new year. I could relate it to myself too well with me being a single mother. I get what Sadie could have dealt with with recent divorce and kids to take care of. Christmas brings hope, love and sharing. I wish I could go to Christmas Town and meet Odette, her three friends and all the locals. The setting in this small town is perfect. Dylan is the dream man. In spite of dealing with his own loss of his father, he always is willing to help his aunt and others. I enjoyed the love blossoming between Sadie and Dylan. The book is an easy read and the details of certain events are wonderfully written by the author. I recommend it to all my friends and any age group. With the Christmas just gone and New Year at our door steps, I must say that this book definitely made my year better by rekindling my spirits and hopes for the future ahead of me.