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Jana Clawson has a propensity for Chinese food, M & M’s,  chocolate chip cookies, and she deals with adversity with a wry sense of humor. She is caught up in a whirlwind known as Trevor Willis, the most eligible bachelor in Portland. He is perfect in every way, but will his secrets be too much for their relationship?

While Jana escapes to the Oregon Coast to make a decision about Trevor, a car accident stirs Jared Carpenter—a physical therapist with  kind Brown eyes who never turns down a homemade meal—into the mix. Unknown to Jana, events set in motion six years ago threaten everything she holds dear, and her life depends on one or both of these men. Combining suspense, intrigue, action, and understated humor, this book will keep you turning pages until the exciting conclusion. 

Born in Illinois, Donna Fuller has lived in a variety of places and currently resides in Butler, Pennsylvania. At times she feels like a ping-pong ball—bouncing from coast to coast and back again. Her grandchildren bring her the greatest joy. Donna has always been involved in writing, from journals to plays for Cub Scouts, to short stories for her children and as a reporter for a small newspaper. She has won awards for her writing and has taught at writing workshops and retreats. Donna is the co-founder of the annual OHPA Writer’s Retreat in Western Pennsylvania. She has published two novels: A Strand of Doubt and Code Name Scorpion. 

Learn more about Donna and her books at, or like her on Facebook at Donna Gustainis Fuller, author.

 Author photograph by Mandy Myers.

Character Casting Jana Clawson: Early 20’s, 5’1”, shoulder length hair the color of honey, sapphire blue eyes. She has a habit of talking to herself when she’s nervous. Good at her job as an executive assistant. Loves to cook. Actress to play Jana: Abigail Breslin or Emmy Clarke Trevor Willis: 31 years old; black hair, green eyes; always immaculately groomed; 6’2”. He is sure of himself and has been accused of arrogance. He owns a business, and as a former agent, he moonlights with the FBI when they need his expertise. Actor to play Trevor: A young James Brolin or Karl Urban Jared Carpenter: Late 20’s, 5’8”, compactly built, dark brown hair, brown eyes. Good listener, usually even-tempered, the kind of guy who knows everyone in town. Physical therapist, professional. Actor to play Jared: Yannick Bisson Snippets snippet 1: Jana and Jared each took an end of the final fortune cookie and broke it apart like a wishbone, then held the paper between them and read it together. “Help! I’m being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery!” Stunned silence followed before they simultaneously broke out in peals of laughter.

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