South of The Buttonwood Tree by Heather Webber – Book Review

South of The Buttonwood Tree is a beautiful women’s fiction written by Heather Webber. I would say it’s a heart-warming story of a strong and independent woman from a small town with a subtle addition of magical realism. 

Blue Bishop is famous for finding lost things, or I would rather say, the winds lead her to lost things that need to be found. When Blue finds a newborn baby under the buttonwood tree, she is absolutely taken by surprise and overwhelming happiness. 

Sarah Grace is another lead character of the story who is a self-made woman instead of depending on the power of her father. She loves renovating old houses and providing homes for those who are in need. Sarah Grace stands at a crossroads and has to make a decision about her life, her marriage and the secret that she has been hiding for years. 

Not only Sarah Grace and Blue Bishop, but there are many other women characters in this book that are special in their own way. South of The Buttonwood Tree is one of the few books with very strong multiple female characters.

I absolutely loved the small town setup. It would be unfair if I miss to mention The Rabbit Hole book store. I absolutely loved it and I can relate to it so well. Books are the best friends any child can have. 

The narration, character detailing, plot, story progression and the happy ending are perfectly written by Heather Webber. Absolutely loved the book and I would recommend this to all book lovers.

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