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JACK NANUQ currently makes his living as a Private Investigator; hence the nom de guere (and no profile photo). Prior this occupation he lived the nine lives of a cat. He has been a teacher, police officer, park ranger, equipment operator, freight handler and even a ranch hand.
He has lived and worked in Egypt, Alaska, Oregon and New York (the State, not the City). He has snorkeled in the Red Sea. Slept on the Nile River and under the Northern Lights (but not at the same time). Walked among grizzlies, ridden his bike under the midnight sun, climbed Mt St Helens, and even  jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.
He and his wife currently live on a small farm near Albany, NY. They share this property with three dogs, three cats, a handful of chickens and two peacocks. He enjoys, outdoor activities, writing, Tae Kwon Do and teaching self-defense.  

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How does a POW become a spy? And why? And what the hell is a GALCO? These are only a few of the questions Carson Nowak needs answers to.
Carson Nowak is a CIA contractor like none you’ve ever met before.  Shortly after George W Bush is elected president Carson is tasked with retrieving a trunk load of documents.  The order comes not from the Agency or even the President; but a higher authority, his Nana.  In addition to the documents the trunk contains a war relic that is tied to a mysterious death just before D-Day.  Tracing the provenance behind this relic triggers a chain of events that not only unlocks Carson’s family history but garners the interest of a South American hit squad. Carson must navigate the challenges of protecting his family, maintaining his business, ensuring the safety of a refugee developing a revolutionary weapons system, and deal with an infuriating curmudgeon.  Along the way he falls in love.  To navigate these challenges he must enlist the help of a pencil-thin code breaker, a claustrophobic corpsman and a Haitian nurse.    

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“You open.”
The trunk was packed full of ledgers and notebooks. On top was a lumpy leather bundle.
Nana pointed to the oddity and said “Table.” She then took a seat in an old wooden chair.
He picked up the package. It was heavy and metallic. A wrench maybe, he thought as he set the bundle down on the kitchen table.
She unwrapped the mystery package. It contained a C-96 Mauser broom-handle pistol and a silver cigarette case. She slid the gun toward Carson. “Careful, iz loaded.” She said it with the nonchalance of a counter guy at McDonalds.
Nana then picked up the other item. With trembling hands she popped it open. Inside was a black and white photo of a German soldier, in front of a sidecar motorcycle. She handed the photo to Carson. Except for the eye patch, the man in uniform could have been Carson’s twin. 

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