Enemy of My Enemy by Ivy Lucas – Book Blog Tour

Author: Ivy Lucas
Title: Enemy of My Enemy
Series: Phoenix Warriors MC, Book 1
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 17, 2019
Cover Designer: Soxsational Cover Art

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Right? What if he’s my lover? What if he’s my enemy?

Secrets, double lives, and a hidden agenda collide with hope, humor, and adventure as the passion between two star-crossed lovers ignites.

Hawk is a biker driven by a singular purpose, fueled by an all-consuming need. A need for vengeance. He’s spent the last four years planning his retaliation, and it’s time to strike; it’s time to annihilate his enemy.

Zoe has one rule in life: no regrets. She lives on the edge and is willing to risk everything for her crusade. A crusade for justice. She’s spent the last four years on a crime spree of epic proportions, all for the good of the cause. All to destroy her enemy.

Escalating war consumes the underworld of Broadwater Bay, an underworld where Hawk and Zoe live on opposite sides, behind enemy lines. Will they be able to trust each other long enough to discover that they have the same enemy?

Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or is it lover? Or is it another enemy?

Before I can second guess myself, my right hand slides to the small of my back, fingertips brushing along the rough grip as I latch onto my Glock. Whipping my arm around and bringing my other hand up to stabilize the butt, I aim my weapon square at the chest of the man who wears the colors of my sworn enemies.
“Yep, you got balls, and you’re stupid.” He laughs at me.
“You think this is a joke?” I challenge him.
“You tell me, Princess. When it comes down to it, do you really have it in you to pull the trigger?” the biker asks, seeming to be completely at ease as he stares down the barrel of my gun.
“Do you really want to find out?” I bluff.
“Gotta say, the idea of taking another bullet isn’t top of my to-do list; it hurts like a bitch.”
“I know.” The words of agreement escape my mouth.
The biker’s eyes widen for a fraction of a second before his mask of amusement settles back into place.
“The recovery though”—he sends me an enigmatic grin—”let’s just say the girls around here are fuckin’ good at taking care of a man who’s been injured in the line of duty, almost makes it worth it.”
It’s taking everything in me to keep a steady hand, keep the steel in my eyes, hold my ground, and I’m doing it. So why is this guy treating me like a joke?
It takes less than ten seconds before I receive my answer.
Movement shifts across my peripheral vision. I don’t take my eyes off my target, not for a second, but I don’t need Kenzi’s superpower to tell me that at least five people, possibly six, are moving around me and taking position.
Two men step into my direct line of sight. One of them trains a gun on me. My eyes stare down the barrel and then to the man aiming it. He’s got a jagged scar running down the side of his face. Starting at his hairline, it bisects his right eyebrow, stopping there, and picking up again on his cheekbone, then it swoops down and outward across his cheek all the way to his jawline. It’s mesmerizing in its beauty, and more terrifying than the weapon the man holds.
Instinctively, I know he’s the least dangerous of the two men who now flank the hulk on the bike. The second man is unarmed, but his presence sends chills down my spine. He levels me with an icy stare, which holds me immobile.
“Venom, nice of you to join the party.” The man on the bike grins up at the lethal biker who’s taken position on his left. “Have you met Zoe? She’s got spunk. I think I’m a little jealous of Hawk.”

Ivy Lucas writes romantic suspense novels that feature a healthy dash of humor, kickass heroines, and hot alpha men. She is a dreamer, professional reality-escape-artist, and has a serious coffee addiction.

Ivy has always been obsessed with reading, and when she didn’t have her face buried in a book, which was often because she devoured them, she would make up her own stories to fill the void. Ivy’s imagination is a crazy and dangerous place to be, even for her independent, sassy female characters. It’s also the best place to meet sexy men who have that panty-dropping, anti-hero thing going on.

A woman of the world, Ivy was born in Holland, grew up in New Zealand, and spent a year living in Europe when she was a teenager. She traveled to Australia not long after finishing school for a one-year working holiday and never left. She now lives in sunny Queensland with her soul mate, their two kids, and a fluffy white cat.

Over the years Ivy has been a jack of all trades and master of none – until the day she decided to write down one of those stories she had floating around in her head. That was when she realized her passion for books was about more than just reading them. She had stories to tell and they were demanding to be told.

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Break My Bones by Rachael Tamayo – Book Tour

Title: Break My Bones
Genre: Domestic Thriller
Release Date: October 19, 2019
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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Staring down the barrel of a loaded 9mm is a wake-up call, especially when it’s your husband’s finger on the trigger. Brooklyn James’s only thought is to take her baby and run. It’s better to end up on the streets than suffer one more day beneath her husband’s hand.

Finally back on her feet, Brooklyn is stronger, better prepared, and determined not to run. That is until she gets the call that her husband has been released from prison after serving his three years for DWI.

Cain James has his wife on his mind, always. With his friend Donovan at his side, anything is possible. He can find her, bring her home, make her love him again. While Cain has serious anger issues, Donovan is much worse. Cain can’t control his friend’s sick, twisted mind and even sicker actions.

Donovan has Cain’s best interest at heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to help Cain bring his wife home—including murder. After his time in prison, Cain doesn’t want to hurt his wife again and becomes a man torn—divided between the darkness inside him, his twisted love, and his lifelong protector, Donovan.

As Cain tries to convince his wife that he’s changed, he watches the bodies hit the floor one by one at the hands of his sidekick. Enraged by his estranged wife’s new love and conflicted by his own anger and need to protect his family, Cain unravels.

He can’t live without her, and he won’t let her live without him.

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Unable to resist the knowledge that my family is only separated from me by an apartment door, I pocket my keys and rush to the door. After knocking, I duck just out of view of the peephole, hoping she might open the door.   

The door flies open, and I’m not faced with my wife, but my child.  She stands wide-eyed and curious, looking up at me. “Hi, baby, remember me?” I crouch to her level.     

Brooklyn comes around the corner, freezing when she sees me in her open door.  “Carissa, why did you answer the door? I told you…,” she starts with a tremble in her voice.   

“Mama, it’s Daddy! Daddy’s back!”   

She remembers me. I laugh with tears in my eyes, accepting the child that rushes into my arms in a hug. “You remember!” I laugh, standing and lifting her off the floor. I don’t wait to be asked in, knowing I won’t be. Stepping inside, I shut the door behind me with a kick.    

Brooklyn is pale, gaping at me as if I’m not real. My heart pounds in my chest and I want to touch her, but she looks completely terrified.     

Can’t blame her for that.    

“What are you doing here?” Her voice is strangled, hushed.   

“Baby, we need to talk. I need to tell you some things. Please don’t be scared.” I step toward her, she steps back. I don’t want to hurt you, not  this time.    

Carissa hugs me tighter, and I kiss her cheek. “Daddy, where did you go?”   

I swallow. Brooklyn didn’t tell her. I want to thank her. It gives me hope to know she didn’t bad mouth me to our daughter.     

“I had to go away for a bit, but I’m back now.”   

“Are you going to stay?”

Rachael Tamayo is a former 911 emergency operator and police dispatcher. After twelve years in those dark depths, she’s gained a unique insight into mental illness, human behavior, and the general darkness of humanity that she likes to weave into her books. A formerly exclusive romance author, she tried her hand at thrillers in her award-winning novel, Crazy Love, and loved it so much that she decided not to turn back. Born and raised in Texas, Rachael lives in the Houston area with her husband of almost fifteen years and their two small children.

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The Defender by Author Rachel Rossano – Book Tour – Excerpt

New roles. New rules. No margin for error.

Zezilia Ilar joins the sept son’s entourage as a defender. Her growing Talent ability makes her a target for the Elitists, and her gender makes people question her competence. She must protect the sept son. Any mistake could be fatal.

Hadrian Aleron always knew his beliefs would cause trouble, but he didn’t realize how much. Rebels are rising. He could lose his title, his position, and if he’s not careful, his life. As the assassination attempts grow bolder, Hadrian must rely upon his young defender and their shared faith in the Almighty to keep him from faltering.

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Rachel Rossano lives with her husband and three children in the northeastern part of the United States. Homeschooled through high school, she began writing her early teens. She didn’t become serious about pursuing a career as an author until after she had graduated from college and happily married. Then the children came.

Now she spends her days being a wife, mother, teacher, and household manager. Her evenings and free moments are devoted to her other loves, writing and book cover design. Drawing on a lifelong fascination with reading and history, she spends hours creating historical feeling fantasy worlds and populating them with characters who live and breathe on the page. 

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Excerpts Zezilia Accusing eyes and a wave of hatred and confusion followed us out the doors of the dining hall. I wanted to put up a stronger shield around Hadrian, but no amount of energy was going to block out the spite behind us. It helped that Hadrian was leading us down the corridor at a pace that kept me trotting to keep up. The farther we were away from that crowd, the better. “Where may I have an hour in private?” Hadrian sent. I was so distracted by the emotion behind us that for a moment I thought he was asking me. Then my brother replied. Taking a sharp left, Hadrian flung open the next set of double doors and swept into one of the side rooms off the main corridor. With quick orders from Renato, two defenders took up stations on either side of the doors while the remaining four followed us into the room and closed the doors behind us. “Guard the windows from the outside,” Renato ordered. I heard them obey, but I didn’t see them because my attention was taken up with watching Hadrian. He had crossed directly to the far wall of the room and sagged against it. His wide shoulders sloped and his head fell forward as though it was too heavy for him to lift. This alone would have concerned me, but the storm of pain, fear, anger, and frustration that warred within him was what tore a cry of help to the Almighty from my heart. Almighty, help him. Give me wisdom. What can I do to ease his pain? Please, God, give him peace. “Hadrian?” Renato’s panicked query brought Hadrian eyes to him. “You didn’t eat any of the fruit, right? Do you need a healer?” My brother stepped forward into the sept son’s personal space. “What is wrong?” Hadrian raised a hand wearily and pushed him back. “I am fine, Renato. Now go fetch Korneli. I have time for him now.” “Answer my question first.” Hadrian merely shook his head. “No, I didn’t eat. I am not going to die, Renato. At least, not at this moment. Now go.” Nodding, Renato turned to me. “Come. Korneli is…” “No, she stays here.” Both of us turned to regard the sept son. Hadrian had not moved. “But, Master, you said I was to never leave you and her alone.” “Send in Plantonio when you leave. He will act as witness. Now go get Korneli before I throw you out.” “Yes, Master.” Executing a sharp salute, he walked toward the door, sending me a warning look as he passed. Hadrian did not move as Plantonio appeared, saluted, and then took station near the door. I watched Hadrian carefully, monitoring the emotions that kept flaring from him. Without the life of his dark eyes, his face appeared years older than I knew him to be. Feathered lines radiated from his closed eyes and deep crevices bracketed his mouth. The dark circles under his eyes spoke of hours of lost sleep. A flare of anger distracted me from his face for a moment as I stepped back from the intensity. His eyes flew open and immediately focused on my face. “How did you know?” he asked. Slowly lifting his head and straightening, he crossed to the nearest chair and sank into it. “Pardon?” “How did you know it was poisoned?” “He intended to kill you.” “But how did you know? Did you read his thoughts?” Fear flooded through me. The servant hadn’t been a Talent. To read his thoughts would be worthy of grave punishment. “No, he was projecting the emotions of a man afraid of getting caught. When I saw him exchange the dishes, I knew why.” He closed his eyes and laid his head against the chair back. Pain washed over me as his forehead tightened. “Headache?” I asked before thinking. He smiled bitterly. “The cost of stress and tension.” “Where does it hurt?” He sighed wearily. “Are you sure you want details?” He opened one dark brown eye and squinted at me. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Hadrian closed his eye. “Yes. Come and sit in the chair across from me, so I don’t have to keep looking up at you.” I quickly moved to obey, carefully stepping over his sprawled legs to reach the chair. “Does this often happen, Sept Son?” “What?” He lifted a hand to massage his forehead. “The headaches?” “No, the attempts on your life.” “More often than I would like. I haven’t had this close a brush in a while.” “Who wants you dead?” He looked at me from beneath the shade of his hand. “The better question is who doesn’t want me dead, Zez. The mesitas, half the kings, and most of the worshipers of the goddess wish me out of the picture permanently.” I didn’t know what to say. I knew without a doubt that my father was one of the group that wished Hadrian ill. What words does one offer a man who has recently faced death? “I don’t hold it against you, Zez. Your father’s position has not affected my trust in you or Renato. In fact, Renato’s closeness to me has limited some of the attacks because Ilar doesn’t want to harm his son.” He paused for a few moments. “I am sorry to bring you into the midst of this. This isn’t the place for you.” I shook my head. He was wrong. “This is where I am supposed to be. If I hadn’t been here, the Almighty wouldn’t have used me to prevent your death.” I shuddered slightly at the thought. “I am the most qualified in many ways, and you are going to teach me so that I can grow even more skilled. He has a purpose for me here.” He laughed softly. “I can’t argue with that. His purpose is the only thing that keeps me here. Though, I fear at times, Zez, that I am not going to survive this. Each time I face my mortality, I wonder what the Almighty has in store. All it would take is one moment when He decides not to show me grace and stop the assassin’s hand. One time and all I have worked for would be gone.” “He has promised that what He has purposed will come to pass.” I quoted one of my favorite passages of the Revelation to him. “I shall pray that He will continue to spare you.” Lowering his hand, Hadrian looked at me and smiled slowly. “Thank you, Zez. Your prayers will guard my soul while your Talent will guard my body. I will do the same for you and, Almighty willing, we shall survive. If not, at least we shall be at peace.” Then he quoted another favorite passage of mine. It spoke of the instantaneous transformation at death when a believer steps from his own body into the presence of the Almighty.

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My Daughter’s Keeper by Mark Winkler – Book Spotlight

On Tour with iRead Book Tours from Nov 4 to Nov 15, 2019!

Book Details:

Book Title My Daughter’s Keeper by Mark Winkler
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 140 pages
Genre Memoir
Publisher Journey Press
Release date:   June, 2019
Tour dates: Nov 4 to Nov 15, 2019
Content Rating: PG + M (R
ated PG+M for mature themes, but there is no bad language.)

Book Description:

My Daughter’s Keeper is the compelling story of a father’s journey to strive against mounting odds to be present in his daughter’s life. The story reveals the complexities of parenting as the author wrestles with his past to face self-imposed challenges in order to transition from a man given to selfish leanings to an open-hearted and dutiful father.

My Daughter’s Keeper tugs on the heartstrings of any parent who has endured the pain and challenges of co-parenting, custody disputes, or separated families. Written with accountability and compassion, this book has been crafted to challenge readers to consider the ways our circumstances, including the painful ones, set us up to develop into better versions of ourselves.

Meet the Author:

Over the years, Mark Winkler has continuously moved towards his goal of helping create a better world by motivating others. His passionate advocacy for families and children eventually led to the co-founding of Manhood Camp, which was established to provide life-skills programs and community engagement opportunities for young men in the Los Angeles area. Recently, Manhood Camp started working directly with fathers via its monthly support group, Fatherhood Circle. Winkler holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has been working in the community advocacy field for more than a decade. His organization’s event, Choose Peace: A Community Celebration and Information Fair, brought together over twenty-six community organizations and received a special appearance and congratulatory speech by the Los Angeles city council president, Herb J. Wesson Jr.

Connect with the author:    website ~ facebook ~twitter ~ instagram ~ November Media

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Gen Ryan’s Hopelessly Devoted Box Set – Release Blitz

Author: Gen Ryan
Title: Hopelessly Devoted Series
Release Date: November 4, 2019
Genre: Military Romance

 Available now! 
All other links: books2read.com/hopelesslydevoted
Limited Edition Box Set Release
Follow Rainey and Parker’s emotional and intense journeys as they discover sometimes letting go is the only way to find peace and happiness. Military romance with all the feels from bestselling author Gen Ryan. 

When she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Rainey Matthews thought it’d be forever. But life has a habit of sneaking up and throwing a sucker punch when you least expect it.

Parker’s military career has become his top priority, leaving Rainey behind while he pursues his dreams. A combination of Parker’s PTSD and his actions threaten to tear Rainey’s heart right open, and she can no longer keep it together.

As their lives twist and turn, both Rainey and Parker discover happiness will be an uphill battle. And love doesn’t always follow its original course. 

The incredible Hopelessly Devoted series is available in a special anniversary edition box set for a limited time only, complete with a special note from the author.

You can find Gen curled up reading paranormal romance and romantic thrillers or frantically typing her stories on her laptop.

Forensic psychology is her trade by day, teaching and molding the minds of college students. Her interest in psychology can be seen in her books, each including many psychological undertones. Although she loves teaching, her passion, her true love, lies in the stories that roam around in her head. Yes, they all come from her mind–the good, the bad, and the totally insane.

Gen Ryan is an international best-selling author in multiple sub genres within romance. She lives in Massachusetts–no, not Boston–with her husband, daughter, and American Eskimo dog named Chewbacca. With each story she shares, she hopes her love for writing and storytelling seeps through, encompassing the reader and leaving them wanting more.