Hood’s Bend by J Morningstar – Book Review

Hood’s Bend by J Morningstar is a paranormal suspense novel. The best thing about this book is, you won’t be able to know that this is a paranormal genre until you half through the book. There is an eerie ambiance but the interval bang is the best I’ve read in a long time. 

Beth is divorced and leaves New York City to stay with her mother for some time. When she arrives at Missouri, Beth finds herself lost and unsure of her future. While Beth’s mother Susan pushes her about her personal life, Beth loses it and has a fight with her. She then drives aimlessly out of the town but finds herself in a small picturesque village named Hood’s Bend away from the highway.

Beth falls in love with the place immediately and finds inspiration to paint, something she didn’t do in a very long time. Beth keeps coming back to the town now and then and also with her mother, Susan. Not only did she visit, but Beth decides to stay in the town when she lays her eyes on a Victorian styled house. It’s almost like destiny when she finds that the price of the house is very low and absolutely affordable.

Beth starts buying furniture and setting up a small studio to paint in one of the durrets. Susan’s health suddenly deteriorates and undergoes a surgery to have the tumor removed. Beth stays by her mom’s side all through the process. After Susan’s recovery, Beth returns to Hood’s Bend and stays for a while. But this time, surprisingly, Beth is not allowed to return to the City. Her new friends in town Kim and Nikki explain to her that the town doesn’t allow it’s residents to leave it. Beth was the only person who was able to make so many trips in and out of town. They also tell her that the people in the town were hoping that she is their last hope. 

This sudden turn of the events compel Beth to remain in the village and get used to the fact that she is stuck in this town. The story is about whether Beth could get out of Hood’s Bend. 

The author did a great job of creating the sense of suspense in the novel. The female lead Beth and many other women in the book are very brave, independent and wonderful. I enjoyed the book thoroughly.

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