What is 'The Clipped Nightingale'?

The Clipped Nightingale is the website where you can find plenty of information about books. You can check for information on latest book launches, events organized by famous authors, ebooks, book reviews, and a lot more. In this website, I also share my opinion about a variety of topics that are related to books, authors, art, literature, etc. in my blog. I publish articles and also voice my various thoughts. This website is a complete entertainer if you are a book lover.

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Why 'The Clipped Nightingale'?

Being a passionate reader from the age of 10, I've read thousands of books. I won't be bragging if I say my reading has enhanced all my senses to tenfold. Books are the man's best friends and they impart you with enormous knowledge. You can travel the whole world just by sitting at the window with a book in your hand. I've experienced this and you will find me most of the time doing just that - reading a book with a cup of coffee sitting by my window. This website will not use typical words and judge the plot of a particular book. Since I am a very common book reader, I'm simply going to write about the book, what I experienced while reading it and why you also should read it and that's all. I'm sure, once you go through the posts, you'll feel like you are sharing your thoughts about your favorite book with your best friend over a cup of coffee!

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Enter my world of literature

Join my website. Follow, like, share and comment your thoughts.. you could be an author, a regular reader, a bookworm or just a beginner. The Clipped Nightingale suits you all!