Good Will by Tiffany W. Killoren – Book Review

Good Will by Tiffany W. Killoren is a contemporary women’s fiction. Four women Lily, Beth, Mallory and Celeste come across each other in a small town. Each of them is going through pain and loss. But when they become friends, they share a very strong bond. 

Lily’s husband committed suicide, Beth’s husband is paralyzed below his neck and breathes on machines, Mallory’s husband is in jail and Celeste is all alone. They all have their own dreams and these four strong, beautiful, and wonderful women become each other’s support system. The good will they have for their loved ones is absolutely incredible. The sisterhood they share is amazing. 

This is the first book I’m reading from the author. Tiffany has a way with her words and these words simply weave through the reader. The metaphors she uses are really unique and beautiful. I share my heartfelt thanks to the author and the publishing house for sharing the free advance review copy with me for an honest review.

This is one of the best women’s fiction I read in the recent times. It’s out in the stores now. I recommend this book to women of all ages. 

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