Gin’s Tonic by Olivia Owen – Book Review

Gin’s Tonic by Olivia Owen is beautiful contemporary romance. When Virginia loses her husband and one-year old son in a terrible accident, everything feels empty and hopeless for her. She blames herself for being too obsessed with her work and giving very little time for her family.

Gin goes on a road trip in search of herself and a place to call home. She reaches a small village amidst the mountains, called Jasper where she meets Roman. A man with scars on the outside, but incredibly beautiful on the inside. He may be a man of few words but he is full of love. I fell in love with Roman head over heals.

Though Gin finds it hard to believe that she is worthy of love again, Roman gives her his unconditional love. She also falls in love with Oliver, Roman’s three-year old son. 

The village Jasper becomes the home she was searching for all along. She instantly falls in love with the people of Jasper, Sam’s kitchen, and everything else in the village. 

Gin’s Tonic is a beautiful story of love, hope and togetherness. Author wrote about the setting and the characters in great detail. I totally enjoyed the pace of the story. 

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review. Gin’s Tonic releasing on 16th of April. Go ahead and read it in this gloomy lock-down time and I assure you that this book will lift up your mood. 

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