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Author: Ivy Lucas
Title: Enemy of My Enemy
Series: Phoenix Warriors MC, Book 1
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 17, 2019
Cover Designer: Soxsational Cover Art

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Right? What if he’s my lover? What if he’s my enemy?

Secrets, double lives, and a hidden agenda collide with hope, humor, and adventure as the passion between two star-crossed lovers ignites.

Hawk is a biker driven by a singular purpose, fueled by an all-consuming need. A need for vengeance. He’s spent the last four years planning his retaliation, and it’s time to strike; it’s time to annihilate his enemy.

Zoe has one rule in life: no regrets. She lives on the edge and is willing to risk everything for her crusade. A crusade for justice. She’s spent the last four years on a crime spree of epic proportions, all for the good of the cause. All to destroy her enemy.

Escalating war consumes the underworld of Broadwater Bay, an underworld where Hawk and Zoe live on opposite sides, behind enemy lines. Will they be able to trust each other long enough to discover that they have the same enemy?

Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or is it lover? Or is it another enemy?

Before I can second guess myself, my right hand slides to the small of my back, fingertips brushing along the rough grip as I latch onto my Glock. Whipping my arm around and bringing my other hand up to stabilize the butt, I aim my weapon square at the chest of the man who wears the colors of my sworn enemies.
“Yep, you got balls, and you’re stupid.” He laughs at me.
“You think this is a joke?” I challenge him.
“You tell me, Princess. When it comes down to it, do you really have it in you to pull the trigger?” the biker asks, seeming to be completely at ease as he stares down the barrel of my gun.
“Do you really want to find out?” I bluff.
“Gotta say, the idea of taking another bullet isn’t top of my to-do list; it hurts like a bitch.”
“I know.” The words of agreement escape my mouth.
The biker’s eyes widen for a fraction of a second before his mask of amusement settles back into place.
“The recovery though”—he sends me an enigmatic grin—”let’s just say the girls around here are fuckin’ good at taking care of a man who’s been injured in the line of duty, almost makes it worth it.”
It’s taking everything in me to keep a steady hand, keep the steel in my eyes, hold my ground, and I’m doing it. So why is this guy treating me like a joke?
It takes less than ten seconds before I receive my answer.
Movement shifts across my peripheral vision. I don’t take my eyes off my target, not for a second, but I don’t need Kenzi’s superpower to tell me that at least five people, possibly six, are moving around me and taking position.
Two men step into my direct line of sight. One of them trains a gun on me. My eyes stare down the barrel and then to the man aiming it. He’s got a jagged scar running down the side of his face. Starting at his hairline, it bisects his right eyebrow, stopping there, and picking up again on his cheekbone, then it swoops down and outward across his cheek all the way to his jawline. It’s mesmerizing in its beauty, and more terrifying than the weapon the man holds.
Instinctively, I know he’s the least dangerous of the two men who now flank the hulk on the bike. The second man is unarmed, but his presence sends chills down my spine. He levels me with an icy stare, which holds me immobile.
“Venom, nice of you to join the party.” The man on the bike grins up at the lethal biker who’s taken position on his left. “Have you met Zoe? She’s got spunk. I think I’m a little jealous of Hawk.”

Ivy Lucas writes romantic suspense novels that feature a healthy dash of humor, kickass heroines, and hot alpha men. She is a dreamer, professional reality-escape-artist, and has a serious coffee addiction.

Ivy has always been obsessed with reading, and when she didn’t have her face buried in a book, which was often because she devoured them, she would make up her own stories to fill the void. Ivy’s imagination is a crazy and dangerous place to be, even for her independent, sassy female characters. It’s also the best place to meet sexy men who have that panty-dropping, anti-hero thing going on.

A woman of the world, Ivy was born in Holland, grew up in New Zealand, and spent a year living in Europe when she was a teenager. She traveled to Australia not long after finishing school for a one-year working holiday and never left. She now lives in sunny Queensland with her soul mate, their two kids, and a fluffy white cat.

Over the years Ivy has been a jack of all trades and master of none – until the day she decided to write down one of those stories she had floating around in her head. That was when she realized her passion for books was about more than just reading them. She had stories to tell and they were demanding to be told.

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