Daring Dreamer by Deborah King – Book Review

Daring Dreamer by Deborah King is of romance genre and also I would call it women’s fiction. Janna and Shelby are two friends who come to a small town Cologne for a fresh start and to chase their dream. They both have their regrets but they decide not to dwell on them. They join as managers to a Grocery Store in Cologne where people are not very used to female supervisors. The story is all about how Janna and Shelby gain the confidence of their employees, how they make new friends in the town and how they work towards reaching their big dream. Janna finds a wonderful partner in Richard and a brother in Todd. Whereas, Shelby drowns her loneliness drinking in bars. Janna is very ambitious and makes sure to pull her best friend Shelby out of her misery reigniting her forgotten dreams.

Richard is a wonderful character who supports Janna in every possible way. He also understands how precious she is and appreciates her.

All in all, the story is very engaging. I almost read it in one sitting. The character establishment is very well done by the author. This book definitely deserves multiple reading. The story talks about the importance of friendship, dreaming, hope, second chances, forgiving oneself and finding love again.

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