Charleston Green by Stephanie Alexander – Book Review

Charleston Green by Stephanie Alexander is one of the wonderful books I read in the recent times. I can only imagine how beautiful this new color Charleston Green is after reading this book.

Tipsy Collins is a beautiful soul, an artist and strong and independent at heart. Tipsy arrives at her new home with her three kids to live at a new house after going through a rough divorce. She manages her work at her best friend’s art gallery, paints and also takes care of her kids all by herself. 
Tipsy gets to put her supernatural skill to use to help two new ghost friends that she found at the new house. Jane and Henry who have been stuck at that home for a long time find answers to the questions that have been hanging between them since their deaths. 

The climax twist was unexpected. The pace is excellent. The story is witty, lovely, romantic and awesome. I must admit this is the funniest ghost story, didn’t terrify me at all and made me think I might need a ghost friend for myself. 

I don’t want to mention Tipsy’s ex-husband Ayers whom I thoroughly hated while reading the story. I also liked how the author used the divorce law in North Carolina and certain other states to explain the troubles faced by many women who tolerate emotional and physical abuse. I’m sure this story definitely gives hope to many a women to stay strong and do what their heart encourages them to do. Just stand up for yourselves! Author has smartly put the marital issues from a century ago and the present day in one story and takes the reader on a wonderful fictional ride.

I received the copy of Charleston Green from NetGalley for an honest review. Thank you BooksGoSocial for sharing the copy with me. The book is going to be published on 14th of April, 2020. I know you all are stuck at homes quarantining. Don’t miss a fun ride to Charleston through this book. You can buy the book here


Time Trap by Jeanie R. Davis – Book Review

Time Trap by Jeanie R. Davis is the continuation of the author’s other book, Time Twist. Time Twist is a wonderful book about time traveling. I totally loved it and you can read my review of Time Twist here

Arianna Miller falls deeply in love with Christopher Flemming, the man from another time. After the near death time traveling experience, Arianna totally hates Christopher going back in time to return the valuable art pieces that his father stole from various art galleries across the world. 
Christopher promises to Arianna that he will go back in time just one last time to fix something that his father did. But is it as simple as it is said? The story takes a turn when Christopher declares his love for a woman in another time and decides to stay back in that time. 

Arianna who is a very strong and independent woman herself, contemplates the idea of going back in time risking her life. She could be stepping right into a deadly trap. You must read the book to know what really happened by the end and if Arianna and Christopher really got back together. 

Setting of the story is very important for any book and I must appreciate the author Jeanie R. Davis for being able to set up the story in two different times. I bet that is really challenging. The pace is excellent and I promise you won’t be able to put it down until you finish. 

The book is out now and you can buy it here. I recommend this book to all the fiction lovers in this lock down time no matter which part of the world you are in.

Below The Surface by Cynthia A. Graham – Book Review

Below The Surface by Cynthia A. Graham is a very interesting mystery novel. The story is set in a small village where the leads of the book Hick and Carol come  to investigate the death of the local priest and a federal agent. 

Hick is already in deep pain after losing his wife and the baby on the way. It’s like Hick totally lost hope, he even finds it difficult to spend time with his two sons. When Carol asks Hick to help her investigate the death of Kelly and torching down of the church, Hick accompanies her. The case is almost closed by the local police when Nicodemus Skaggs confesses to the crime. But, that is more to it.

The narration of the investigation is enthralling. Usually, after going through half the book, I pride myself of guessing the culprit. But this book did not give away a single hint and the final twist came as a total surprise. This book not only has a very interesting mystery, but also a very strong and deep emotion. The story transforms Hick towards the end. He finds hope again. 

There are many characters in the book that I connected with, like, Skaggs’ eldest daughter, Carol, and Father Grant. A little love and care towards our fellow beings is much needed and it truly does wonders.

I received the advance reviewer copy of the book from Edelweiss Plus for an honest review. The book released on 10th Mar, 2020. I bet you all will be surprised by the climax twist. With so much fuss about going about Corona virus, I recommend you to grab this book and read away! 

Buy your copy today here.

Determined Dreamer by Deborah King – Book Review

Determined Dreamer is the third book from the Inspiration in Cologne series. The first two books Daring Dreamer and Bedazzled Dreamer made me fall in love with the author Deborah King. You may read my review of Daring Dreamer here and Bedazzled Dreamer here . If you’ve not read these two amazing books already, I sincerely recommend you to pick them right away and dive into them.

Determined Dreamer is also set in Cologne, Missouri a beautiful close-knit community I fell in love with after reading these books, thanks to the author for the precise details and detailed description. Kalie has been working at The Coffee Palace since fifteen and she always dreamed of owning it. She took up the offer given by her half-brother Shane and bought the place. Being bullied by a classmate since childhood, Kalie is always scared of relationships. 

Elilas, the new comer in the town who is also a business partner is in love with Kalie but she pushes him away in the beginning because of her insecurities. Kalie hides a secret from her loving brother Shane initially, but she comes out clean with her brother and sister-in-law with the kind support of Elias. 

This story is about how Kalie fights her demons and starts trusting people around her. It turns out, Kalie not only fulfills her dreams, but also helps Shane bring his dream come true. 

I have always loved the female leads in Deborah’s stories. In spite of the traumatic past, these women raise above and make their dreams come true. Not only that, they also bring out the best in their peers and other members in their loves and I totally adore that quality. Deborah’s stories strengthen my faith in sisterhood. I love this book. I sincerely thank Deborah for sending me an advanced reviewer copy for an honest review.  Determined Dreamer is releasing on 17th of this month. Happy reading, guys!

Good Will by Tiffany W. Killoren – Book Review

Good Will by Tiffany W. Killoren is a contemporary women’s fiction. Four women Lily, Beth, Mallory and Celeste come across each other in a small town. Each of them is going through pain and loss. But when they become friends, they share a very strong bond. 

Lily’s husband committed suicide, Beth’s husband is paralyzed below his neck and breathes on machines, Mallory’s husband is in jail and Celeste is all alone. They all have their own dreams and these four strong, beautiful, and wonderful women become each other’s support system. The good will they have for their loved ones is absolutely incredible. The sisterhood they share is amazing. 

This is the first book I’m reading from the author. Tiffany has a way with her words and these words simply weave through the reader. The metaphors she uses are really unique and beautiful. I share my heartfelt thanks to the author and the publishing house for sharing the free advance review copy with me for an honest review.

This is one of the best women’s fiction I read in the recent times. It’s out in the stores now. I recommend this book to women of all ages.