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What a wonderful world?

The other day when I visited a small village nestled in the woods far away from the cry of the world.. suddenly the pace of my life slowed down a little bit. Until then, it was all about running around chasing unseen things and groping time that I didn’t have. The journey to this beautiful village was amazing in itself. The waterfalls were at every other turning of the road. The sound of the gushing water seemed like music to my ears. The huge trees stood on either sides of the road were like guardians. They made me feel safe.

The village was picturesque. It looked like a wallpaper that walked out of some dreamy land. There were plenty of flowers in the village. And they were in so many colors, I wondered who mixed the perfect palette and painted those tiny flowers with so much of patience! Rainbows spilled into my eyes just by looking at those pretty flowers. I tried to capture some flowers in my camera lens but when I saw the picture, I realized, the camera utterly failed when compared to the powerful lens of my eyes.

When I stood on the top of the hill, I almost floated above the clouds. The cloud clad mountains were so beautiful to look at in the light of the dawn. The warm rays of the Sun failed to hit the ground directly. The sunrays seemed to be trapped by the blanket of fog.

The chillness of the water pricked my feet when I stepped into the waterfall. I felt cleansed.. right there! I simply sat on a rock in the waterfall and got drenched in the stream of water falling from above. The water cutting into the bed of rocks made a wonderful sound that strangely calmed the chaos in my mind.

I learnt many things.. simple is beautiful, just be yourself and do not imitate anyone, minimalism simplifies life, contentedness brings happiness and peace, live in unison with nature, and last but not least.. love all!

By the time I was on my way back, my soul is healed.. and I thought to myself.. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD?

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Caught The Moon on A String!

Well, traveling and reading go hand in hand I guess. As usual, I laid back and started reading that day when I was on my trip. After a while, I started dozing in rhythm to the bus running down the road. Just when I thought I was almost asleep, the bus came to a sudden stop and I snapped out of my short sleep. I decided it’s not a good idea to open my kindle and continue reading my book.

Since I could not fall back to sleep, I kept staring out of the window of the bus into the darkness. The lights from the houses afar twinkled like stars in the sky. It was a feast to the eyes. When I was tired of watching the artificial lights, I looked up the sky and found the moon fully on. I totally forgot that it was a full moon day. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I loved the way it was playing peek-a-boo through the clouds passing by. I kept looking at it drifting through a number of thoughts.

Everybody was asleep on the bus and I was the only person sitting upright and looking at the moon like some artist looking for inspiration. I wanted to capture this beautiful moment into a picture which was too much to aim for. But, I thought I better try it. I took out my phone and clicked the picture of the moon. When I looked at the picture, I realized there were few electric wires in the way and the moon was caught on that string. It looked like a ball tied to a string. I guess I’m still a kid at heart.

Finally, my eyelids grew heavy and I fell asleep. I’m sure you all could guess what I dreamt of that night… Yes, you guessed it right. My dream was all about the moon.

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Did you ever get bored of something you love?

Reading is not just one task. We get to know many new things, roam in strange places that we never knew existed, taste yummy cuisines from all around the world and meet people who are way more interesting than the real people in our lives.

I know I sound crazy but I wanted to put my reading aside just for a little while and indulge myself in some coffee before I pick my next book. I’ve been on a marathon reading lately. I read some books that are to be released later this year, some books that are just released, some books from the early and late 19th century and some classics. I almost read a book a week.

During this reading, I felt a sudden emptiness in my mind. Sometimes, I was reading, my eyes would run along the letters but I failed to register the meaning or the context in my mind. I was too stubborn to admit that I’m tired of reading. I call myself a book dragon and I couldn’t allow myself to say that I’m bored of reading.

But at one point of time, I realized that there is no point in randomly reading without enjoying the book. I wouldn’t say I was utterly bored, but there were too many books and too many characters from them in my mind that my brain refused to allow new characters to establish themselves in the little space left out on it.

I got up, I went for some long walks, I listened to plenty of music, I gave some time to a little gardening and finally, my mind was recharged. I was good like new! That’s when I picked up my next book and dived into the pages.

It’s okay to get bored or to get tired of something you love. We all experience that at one point or another. Don’t feel disappointed, and do not dare to assume that your love for that particular thing has faded. Take a break, involve yourself into few other tasks and in the meantime, think of what’s the next best thing you could do about your passion. Then, you are good to go!

Let me know your thoughts. Tell me what you did when you got bored of something you love. Ba Bye!

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Book Review of ‘A Beautiful Fish by K. E. Parsons’

A Beautiful Fish is a book of magic. I would rate this book a 7 out of 10. The author gave excellent detailing about the places and the characters in the book. Leonora is a small girl who is adopted from China by Lydia and her husband. The story takes place in New England, in a family with magic powers. The young Leonora is also blessed with magical powers by the mermaid Kiereyes. The events occurring in the story are very interesting. The way the mermaid blesses the kids of the family with colorful bubbles is mesmerizing. The entire family is very loving and the place they live holds so many magical powers and there is a special aura in that place.

Then, comes the villain Nihls. He comes to New England to live on the island for the holidays on rent but ends up taking away the magic of the family. He ruins the magical power of the place with his evil deeds. He also kills the family member and also turns Lydia into a person she is not. Lydia suddenly starts hating her daughter Leonora and Leo has nowhere to go. Leonora, with the help of her grandmother, and the cat Ginger, pulls through the bad times.

I like the way the author narrated the story from the cat’s point of view. I really liked that part. I loved it when Ginger, the cat mumbles in French.

Leonora decides to save her mother from the black magic of Nihls with the help of her childhood friend Jack. Leonora has special magic powers of her own. The mermaid Kiereyes also brings about her forces to save Leonora.

The book is about beautiful relationships, the importance of family, magic and believing in oneself. After a long time, this book rekindled my faith in magic, fairies and plenty of other things that are so-called myths. I enjoyed believing in mermaids, their magic, the beautiful and colorful bubbles as long as I read this book. This book was much needed to me, given the realistic world I live in. The pace was just perfect. After reading this book, I narrated this story to my 9 year old daughter in my simpler words and I must say she totally loves Leonora, Kiereyes, and Ginger. I loved this book.

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July Blog Post for Curiosity Quills

I enjoy fictions. Fictions about myths truly drive me to the edge. Writing about people, places and things that we can see is one thing but writing about things no one is sure ever existed is a whole different story. When I saw the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials for the CQ Blog, I was excited. I shared a lot of my views about this topic, favorite books that are relevant to UFOs, favorite movies about aliens, etc. Please read my article and share your views.

Fiction about Extraterrestrials Makes Me Appreciate “Being Human”

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