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Book Review – Mrs Murray’s Ghost by Emily-Jane Hills Oxford

Mrs. Murray’s Ghost by Emily-Jane Hills is a cute story. I volunteered to read the ARC copy and review it. I wouldn’t call it a horror story because, after reading this book, I started believing that ghosts can be friendly too given a chance. It’s kind of a fairytale with brownies, friendly ghosts, and a dream world with witches, dragons and many more. I totally enjoyed the fantasy world. I wouldn’t mind reading this story to my daughter. The story revolves around a 10-year-old girl named Mary. When her family moves into a huge mansion-like house, they experience strange banging and unusual activity in their home. Mary meets her brownie friends who are stuck in the same house for over centuries far away from their homeland. Mary is the person who is going to rescue them and help Mrs. Murray, too.

When Mary falls ill, her brownie friends and Mrs. Murray’s ghost enter Mary’s dream world to help her get better. The story is very engaging. The characters are well established. It’s a fresh flavor to read. This is a book for almost all age groups. I totally enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to my friends.

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