Before You Go by Tommy Butler – Book Review

Before You Go is a coming of age fiction by Tommy Butler. It has a very unique set up. The book discusses life, finding its purpose, death, dealing with pain and a lot more issues of the entire existence of human beings. 

We’ve been lately hearing a lot about the increased feeling of loneliness among people, depression, suicidal thoughts and suicides. This wonderful book is an answer to many questions. The author has an amazing philosophy which he describes through the story of Elliot Chance. 

The story starts from the making of mankind where the manufacturers leave a void in the hearts of humans by mistake. It is that emptiness that makes them feel incomplete, lost and miserable.

Elliot is a young boy, who feels lost in this world. He thinks that he doesn’t belong here and attempts to leave the world in many ways. He wants to believe in magic and an entirely different magical world but people around him shove the hard reality into his face. The more he grows into adulthood, the more he wants to end his life. 

To escape from the pain he is going through, he joins a support group where he meets Sasha and Bannor. They have their own story to tell. Elliot, Sasha and Bannor become good friends and try to sail through life with each other’s support.

In spite of a job, girl friend and good life, Elliot keeps at his attempts to end his life. The story is about how he finds happiness in his life, eventually and lives a full life. 

Kudos to the author for writing such a wonderful and speculative fiction. I can’t believe that this is Tommy Butler’s debut. He has a deeper sense of understanding about a lot of unanswered questions about the day to day pain we experience in the voids of our hearts. 

This book is much needed in today’s world, a book that talks above and beyond life, death and everything in between. The book is releasing on August 11th, 2020. 

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